F1 Fantasy: Mexican GP Race Preview | The Fantasy Formula

Be sure to watch the live preshow starting 1 hour before lineups lock for qualifying: https://youtube.com/live/rPUtI0Qe-KU

Top ranked F1 Fantasy players Adam (F1FantasyHQ) and Rob (F1 Fantasy Hub) relive the bumpy United States Grand Prix, discuss what’s in store for the Mexican Grand Prix, and build their fantasy lineups for the week.

They kick things off covering the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas before moving on to the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City which is home to the Mexican Grand Prix. As always, throughout the show they'll answer questions sent in by The Fantasy Formula community over on FanAmp!

If you have any questions you want answered on the show, or just want to consult Adam and Rob on anything F1 Fantasy-related, then download the FanAmp using their invite link (https://get.fanamp.com/thefantasyformula) and reach out in their community Base.

Who's speaking:
Adam (F1FantasyHQ): Founder of F1FantasyHQ, a top 1,000 F1 Fantasy player globally, and one of the two halves of The Fantasy Formula, the #1 Fantasy community on FanAmp
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?Website: https://f1fantasyhq.com/
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?Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/F1FantasyHQ/

Rob (F1 Fantasy Hub): a leading voice on F1 Fantasy, he's your go-to outlet for other F1-related news, statistics, insights and analyses. Join him alongside Adam running TFF on YouTube and FanAmp
?FanAmp Base: https://get.fanamp.com/F1FantasyHub
?Twitter: https://twitter.com/F1FantasyHub
?YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@f1fantasyhub/

About FanAmp:
FanAmp is the one place Formula 1 fans turn for global communities, live conversations, and specialized tools (e.g., stats, predictions) to feel like part of action all season. Join now for race discussions, fan groups, breaking news, contests, and more!

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One thought on “F1 Fantasy: Mexican GP Race Preview | The Fantasy Formula

  1. Always an enjoyable watch/listen guys! I feel like I'm alone possibly pumping my team full of Mercedes ?. Glad to see Rob's got HAM in there to represent.

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