The Best F1 Drivers Of All Time (Win %)

Everyone has their favorite, but who is statistically the best driver in Formula 1 history? COMMENT BELOW & SUBSCRIBE NOW :

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Win Percentage = Total of wins divided by the total of started GPs.

00:00 – TOP 50
00:25 – TOP 40
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The 50 Best Formula 1 Drivers Of All Time

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18 thoughts on “The Best F1 Drivers Of All Time (Win %)

  1. The great Ronnie Peterson is missing: 10 victories out of 123 races, therefore a percentage of 8.13%.

    P.S.: the great Carlos Reutemann is also missing: 12 victories out of 146 races, therefore a percentage of 8.21%.

  2. Always tricky with stats…Most of the modern drivers did over 200 races while others (before year 1980) only raced in 50 to 80 events. More like if Schumacher only raced for Ferrari and did not return for a second stint with Mercedec then he would have been top

  3. "Gilles was the best and the fastest racing driver in the world. And I liked him as a man even more than I admired him as a driver." Niki Lauda

  4. and now look at the percentage of wins when starting from pole, and it will immediately become clear who wins at the expense of the best car starting first, and who at the expense of talent.

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