The MOST FORGIVING Drivers of 2023!

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26 thoughts on “The MOST FORGIVING Drivers of 2023!

  1. the Titleist heads are just way way way too heavy to get much speed. I picked TM S2 9 and am very happy with it. Hit 250 consistently with it at 53yrs old.

  2. Did your try the Wilson dynapower Andy? Have friends with one, tried it out and im quite shocked as they are as to how forgiving it is and feels/sounds great, also a low spinning model which is great…. And only £399…..

  3. Your every day driver should be left out of these reviews, we already know how you feel about it….IMO there is no top 5, there are at least 10 models that are equals this year; if your testing clubs on their merit, how you left the Mizuno STX 230 off is discerning…..Keep up the good work, enjoy your channel…

  4. Thanks Andy for another great vid??
    Interesting that the PXG GEN6 performed so well, yet was the cheapest driver on the list. I may have to consider swapping my old GEN2 for their new GEN6 I wonder if they would let me just have the head so that I could fit my beloved PojectX Evenflow shaft???? Could you have a word with your pal Bob for me ??

  5. I think someone commented before that your name was Andy.Love the videos Andy and they are so helpful. I just wish the videos included the shaft information for each club in terms of stiffness and weight and whether or not it had been cut down at all. In another of your videos you said that you would prefer maybe a 50 g shaft cut down an inch I think you may have said. Can you give me shaft information specifics on the Paradigm X and the Taylormade Stealth 2 HD?

  6. Bummer that you can't access Titleist, Andy. I have settled on a TSR2 this year, 11-degree head on the A1 setting with the Mitsubishi AV Blue – 55 (stock shaft in stiff flex). Really enjoying it and extremely forgiving!

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