Failure, Anger, Ugly PR

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Ugliest deadlifts ever. && Worst gym music too.
All the sumo pulls were doomed from the beginning. Shoulders were forward and chest wasn’t up enough. I compromised my form from the get go to get it off the ground and then wasn’t able to finish the lift for the two attempts at 265. You lift and you learn.
Oh and the two singles of 235lbs were a 10lb conventional PR for me.


RZFitnessTV says:

Just found your channel. I love it! Good job!

skaz783 says:

You will have those sumo pulls soon. To me it looked like you had it in you. Leg lockout first then hips – that is what does help me on sumo. 

S D says:

They might be ugly but you know your form and 265 will be nothing in a few months if you continue this progress.. Only thing ill add in is I have watched many professional and advice sharers on deadlifts as well as back positioning and many of them say look down to keep the neutral striaight spine I noticed you look very up which does change the position of the spine. Hope you understand what I said and hopefully it could be helpful one day best of luck your awesome.

C.Rasch says:

Love your videos Charlie. What are your current goals in Bench, Squat and Deads.??

Samer says:

Whats a good beginner powerlifting program for a female? I'm trying to get my gf into the sport with me.

Cr_25 says:

Make it available to watch on iPhones. Thx

Destamoon says:

3am is the best time to train 😉

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