Failure, Anger, Ugly PR

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RZFitnessTV says:

Just found your channel. I love it! Good job!

skaz783 says:

You will have those sumo pulls soon. To me it looked like you had it in you. Leg lockout first then hips – that is what does help me on sumo. 

S D says:

They might be ugly but you know your form and 265 will be nothing in a few months if you continue this progress.. Only thing ill add in is I have watched many professional and advice sharers on deadlifts as well as back positioning and many of them say look down to keep the neutral striaight spine I noticed you look very up which does change the position of the spine. Hope you understand what I said and hopefully it could be helpful one day best of luck your awesome.

C.Rasch says:

Love your videos Charlie. What are your current goals in Bench, Squat and Deads.??

Samer says:

Whats a good beginner powerlifting program for a female? I'm trying to get my gf into the sport with me.

Cr_25 says:

Make it available to watch on iPhones. Thx

Destamoon says:

3am is the best time to train 😉

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