Fat Guy Golf 7 – Shale Creek Front 9

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Episode 7 at Shale Creek – one of Ohio's nicest public courses. You guys asked me to play shorter tees so here it is. 5913 yards with a slope and rating of 67.8/120. 120 because the greens are super tough.

The back 9/Episode 8 will be up in about a week or so. If you have any ideas or something different you'd like to see send me a message on instagram

As usual you can follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thefatguygolf/

you can also add me and follow me by downloading The Grint golf scoring app. Add me as jbaker2575. On there you can see live rounds and scores as I play.

To check out previous episode of Fat Guy Golf go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6JVFh75JOoPbheLN56Wlfw?view_as=subscriber

To see what's in my bag go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0bII1IlYjA&t=182s

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joseph garcia says:

Dude !! It’s all short game!!! Your doing great tee to green, but your throwing away strokes w bad chipping and putting. I respect how you putt every ball out though, you play the right way and it’s fun to watch.

Joshua Galloway says:

I live around Akron. Would love to see you around sometime. Maybe even play 9. Love the videos.

Alex Stokes says:

Great for a fat guy?

Kris Macdonald says:

You might try to not wrist the put as much and it might help with your accuracy


Hey John, great video buddy. I don't recommend hovering the putter like you do. I would also look at tucking that right index finger away during putting. Keep it up love watching your progress!!!

Max Spradlin says:

U got the 43! Also I would recommend watching Jason day chips. You tend to hit your chips and dig after the ball without following through. I would recommend using more shoulders maybe? W/e is comfortable for you. Keep it up man, You are doing great!

celtic348 says:

we all hate the liparoonies! great vids

MaxSt1929 says:

When you are practicing it might be a good idea to flatten you putter, so you are able to have control of where your putt is going. Sometimes you have your putter with the toe in the air instead of level. If you ever have time to practice try it. Otherwise your looking great on the course ⛳️.

T Bone says:

You need to play bogey golf stop trying to make every par. Treat your pars as birdies and bogeys as pars you'll see your score drop real quick

TheTrooper 98 says:

You keep bitching about your puting. I disagree. Much of the time your reads are perfect. Relax and spend 10 minutes on the putting green before each round for Speed.

fakeandgayism says:

Good round man

Glenn Wisse says:

Ease up on that putting stroke.  Going way too far past the hole.  May want to try just dying the ball in the hole on those down hill or fast putts.  cheers


Awesome content my man. Keep them coming….
enjoy watching

Rhinosaur says:

Love the vids. Keep them coming

Gary Mcgrorty says:

Lose the bugie dude

Ashton Sigler says:

I live in Ohio we have to play together sometime

Richards Aquarium says:

great channel been following a while now and your doing a great job . im no professional atall but the warbirds are not good for around greens ect maybe tey some callaway supersoft out

also i had trouble chipping from edge of greens ect so to get mkre consistant and drop shots i bought a chipper putter worls great for me and ive now dropped alot of shots maybe give one a try too see what you think

fightwatcher07 says:

man you can't be gettin mad at 20 foot putts missing. all you're trying to do from that range is get it close, if it goes in, that's extra.

Bros2 Gaming says:

Great video

Logan Palmer says:

You should play brookledge golf course in Ohio very nice and inexpensive its worth it

Devin Whitlock says:

What front nine I have been watching since the beginning and you have improved so much I shoot about 45 my first nine to lol

Degenerate Golf Club says:

Good stuff, man. Keep working!

NAGA says:

Sorry for laughing John, but those lip out putts are exactly what I do,,, I could almost see the thoughts in your head about throwing your putter,,, haha!!

Engineer says:

Focus on keeping your hips closed a little bit longer with your irons. Your hips are flying open too early which is causing you to push the ball to the right and not get enough height with your irons. You keep your hips closed nicely with your driver, wood, and hybrid though. Just my 2 cents.

Danny Donovan says:

Ever play Red Tail in northeast ohio? I’m a member there and I would be more than happy to invite you for a round.

Jason Roberts says:

I do the exact same thing with those pitch shots. I found a way to temporarily correct it, but it might be a bad habit. I play the ball close to my left big toe instead of the middle of my stance. Great videos!

PKB Life says:

Feel like your swinging left and around your body more with the chip shots! It’ll help square up the face and stop that right shot!

Corey Lee says:

I recommend getting a golf book, the mental game is just as important as the physical game when I got my mental game down I got my handicap down almost 8 strokes

Zach says:

Don’t overthink the little 3 foot putts there isn’t too much time for them to break so hit it at the hole

DFS Cash says:

Just take a look at Henrik Stensons game 3 wood no driver might fit your game

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