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Chris Ryan takes a look at the release of the golf club and answers the question of, ‘How do you release the golf club?'

This is a very common question from golfers and Chris offers a simple drill that can help you better understand the release of the golf club.

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David Nesseth says:

One of the best release demos ever. Many thx.

rgneacsu says:

Hi Chris, could I use this drill when hitting a driver or a 3 wood?


Bob Neuendorf says:

Such a nice swing….and 180 yards!!!!!

andrew sherriff says:

great tip thanks

Slow Hand says:

Awesome video – you keep it simple as allways!

Rick Hansen says:

Excellent explanation and video. I'll definitely be working on it. Thank you, love your instruction!

Henning Nilsen says:

i’ve never really understood the release till i saw your video. Great explanation as always ?

Ian Nicolle says:

Hi Chris. Tried this today and had an Ah-ha moment. It’s all starting to make sense!! Many thanks

Colin Brown says:

Clear, precise video as always – great check points – thanks Chris ?


Clear as it could be ! Thanks Chris

Austin Killen says:

Excellent video!!! Thank you

Georgie Walker says:

Awesome… thank you Chris

C Walker says:

You make something so hard looks so easy. Thanks, I will try this drill.

mebeingU2 says:

Great drill! Ill work on that for the next few range sessions to see if I can improve my ball striking.

Chanyeong Park says:

Looks effective! Thank you.

John says:

Chris, I don't want to come off as a mean person but how in the Hell can anyone give a thumbs down to that video,its concise, on point, and explained the way all your videos are,thanks again for all the great tips.Come on guys lets get to 100 K by the open so we can thank Chris for all the FREE videos.

allisonsaleschase says:

When is your next clinic in the US?

steven brown says:

Great video for referencing where everything should be

Graham Humphreys says:

Off to the course today. Must try this at the practice fairway. Thanks Chrjs

Dave Vernon says:

Hit 50 balls after watching, 25 out of the rough. What a terrific drill. Thanks

Larry Letcher says:

Another great lesson Chris. Perhaps in some future video you can teach about the concepts and benefits of the right hand grip using the “ trigger finger” in the rt index finger. Thanks again for great instruction.

Dave Bucks says:

brilliant drill

El Matador says:

Number of subscribers continues to rise … not a surprise as you are clearly a great coach .. Thankyou for your vids .. keep them coming ????

Wilson Hung says:

Again, great coach — sometimes somehow confusing concepts made easy.

Matt Parsons says:

I'm afraid to watch this video. I'm striking the ball so well, consistently on the verge of breaking 80 now… but I KNOW this is something on which I desperately need to work. 🙁

Jeremy Fisher says:

Thanks for the video! I always hear "start the ball out to the right", but i seem to come very inside-out when i try to do that in my golf swing. I've searched your videos and haven't seen this topic. Maybe in the near future?

Andrew Brown says:

Another quality tip Chris and explained excellent #bestcoachingolf ?

Learned Golfer says:

I've been struggling with a hold off release, i'll use this drill at the range this week, thanks Chris.

Nic Ted says:

I agree with everything Alan has said, My game has benefited lots since watching Chris's channel.

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