Feet Together Drill – Improve Balance in the Golf Swing

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Feet Together Drill – Improve Balance in the Golf Swing

A major part of my teaching revolves around the pivot and being able to turn your body and improve balance in your golf swing. The feet together drill helps you to turn by taking any restrictions off your hips. Take a look at the video to see if this drill can help your golf game.

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16 thoughts on “Feet Together Drill – Improve Balance in the Golf Swing

  1. An important question, please. Another well known instructor swears by this drill but doesn't move his feet at all. I've tried this and it works quite well, but I'm inclined to try your method of letting the body and the feet turn to the left. What do you recommend? And many thanks for your tips. Excellent stuff and very practical.

  2. Hi Dan
    New to your site.
    Struggle with moving off ball to right in backswing and have now worked out to move right hip straight backwards, as feet together drill demands.
    What about sternum at impact?
    Lots of info where it should be at set up.
    I’m trying to get ball then turf and reason that I need to move sternum towards target to achieve this.
    Any comments/ drills to avoid my dreaded fat shots?

  3. Love this drill Dan, has a lot of benefits to golfers. Love how I can use it as a pre-shot routine to improve balance and timing. Cheers

  4. I've done 2 sessions at the range doing this drill with a 5 iron and I make great contact and hit little draws when doing this drill, but I'm having trouble taking the feeling to a full swing in a normal stance.  When I return to my regular stance, my contact gets inconsistent and I hit cuts or end up flipping at it and sending it high and right.  Is there a trick to getting the feet together feeling when the feet are back apart?

  5. Since I have mentioned a book that is very much about hands arms and swinging – could we have a lesson about blending these two schools of thought – body turn stroke Vs arm swing approach of Toski,Malaska, Flick etc..

  6. I am struggling with feeling of staying connected when pitching unless I bring the club very inside. Any chance you could do a video on helping with this please?

  7. great video! also your doing a great job on your fitness. i think we would all love to see a video discussing what you've been doing. Exercises, diet, ect…. ??

  8. I started doing the feet together drill last year. I fell it works for me because I tend to hit fat shots and I think I sway off the ball. I use it as a practice swing to remind myself to not sway for the real swing. I learned it watching Shawn Clement. It is good to see other pros suggest using it.

  9. Great drill – fits very nicely with 90 to 90 drill (12 to 12 on a clock face). I'll await the next chapter on one arm swings and one leg balances!!

    There's a great set of drills like this in Bob Toski and Jim Flick's book "How to Become a Complete Golfer". If you wrote a book Dan I'd love it to be like this one please – now there's an idea?

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