WHERE IS THE WEIGHT IN YOUR FEET? | A CRUCIAL Golf Lesson to prevent slice or hook

►There are limited tips on YouTube talking about weight in your feet, and it's something we must look at if we want to help prevent slice or hooked shots. It's an area of the golf swing which comes up in most golf lessons because it can affect rotation and swing path to such a degree. It can also affect ball striking and as a fault is often overlooked.

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20 thoughts on “WHERE IS THE WEIGHT IN YOUR FEET? | A CRUCIAL Golf Lesson to prevent slice or hook

  1. I had to come back to this video,Andy, following a golf Wedge lesson I had today with one of my club Pro's. For any of my Irons dating back to about 1983. Because of my age and lack of movement, I have my trail foot 5 inches back for an Iron and 2 inches back for a Wood. I have those positions as a former slicer. That works but today's Wedge lesson was mind blowing. My club Pro asked me to reverse the feet position so that my lead foot was 5 inches back with a wider stance, and make sure I am clipping the ground hard as opposed to brushing it an inch past where the ball was. I get the correct contact sound and the correct hight for the shot, and it is straight, but God and my PGA Pro only knows why. I was 3 feet shy of 100 yards with my 43° Pitching Wedge. Which is one club length improvement for me, which is crazy. Thanks for this one, Andy.

  2. I figured this out at the range today and looked it up for an explanation because it made a MASSIVE difference in my strikes. Everything you said in the video aligned with what I felt. I’ve been a track and field athlete my entire life and always have weight more on my toes cause it’s an athletic position. I need to get wayyyy more on my heels and finally hit straight or even draw. Thank you

  3. Good one, Andy, thank you. I was searching today to see if you had done anything related to balance. I used to be on my heels a lot until my club pro said it was making me fall off of the shot. I had an interesting incident today related to balance in the lead foot and right foot for a right handed player. I have been taught to have weight on the front foot for wedge and 9 iron shots around the edge of the green. I started to do this for all my irons but it messed up my longer irons. I couldn't hit a 5 iron for a month or so till I corrected it, to have even balance. I was trying to bypass the transfer of weight and got found out. lol

  4. Thanks for these pointers Andy. I have a question, many teaching pros say to load ones weight on the trail heel at the top of the backswing. You make no mention of this so I’m wondering if you could please clarify this for me. Thanks. BTW, saw you on Rick Shiels show and I’ve followed your instructions ever since and have learned a ton.

    Regards Ken

  5. Literally struggling with this a lot trying to move to a more "professional" repeatable swing. My issue isn't on back swing, my weight transfers nicely. My issue is on the downswing, I tend to hip thrust and jump up on my toes, combined with fast arms and I can hit all sorts of shots, but mainly a big hook. Problem is I am a feel golfer and can't find the feel of a proper hip turn and keeping weight in heels. Going to try curling toes up, thank you ???

  6. Thank you Andy. I was letting my heel get off the ground in my backswing. Was totally blown away when I took a look. Can't go to the range yet, but in my office, I tried a backswing with the thought of planting firmly into the heel of my trail foot and BOOM!…all of the tension disappeared.

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