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A look at the new sport of Foot Golf

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AngelCity says:

California Footgolf Association. Contact me if interested.

Tanner Wilson says:

This looks interesting! I want to try it sometime! Any courses in states
like Texas or Oklahoma?

Jin DuPre says:

This seems like a sport perfect from the retired football players, old
people who always wanted to play football and the fat people that don’t
want to get into shape for the sport.

Sam Sengsouvanna says:

this is fcuking retarded

Timothy Paulino says:

I was playing this at soccer camp ten years ago

Geronimo Vacation Rentals says:

Is Foot Golf the next big thing? Is anyone providing lessons yet?
#FootGolf #lessons 

Timothy Paulino says:

I was playing this at soccer camp ten years ago

MenaceFan says:

greens dont look very good.

Jayson Blake says:

As a disc golfer I think this was very cool. Now three types of golf out
there to play. 

AnthonyFamiglietti says:

This looks fun as hell. 

Michael Eldridge says:

Foot Golf on Trans World Sport:

redfowlham says:

I need to play this game!

ian128MB says:


Stone Meadows Golf Course says:

A look at FootGolf!

Talonades says:

I wanna play

Comicbookguise says:

Doucheball…sorry, how unkind of me. Let’s just call it “Goofball.”

Markavöllur Fótboltagolf says:

Mót um allan heim 

Trevor James says:

You can’t go wrong combining two sports into one. 

Golf Dawg says:

Has anyone played #FootGolf?

Code Four Athletics Soccer Uniforms says:

Soccer-Golf Mashup: FootGolf, a cool new sport

StFidjnr says:

it’s weird it’s in the UK

Andy C says:

The prize money seemed a tad cheap…

Katie k says:

looks like fun. mixes my favorite two sports and looks like no headache
just funn

Q-Talk Ghana Tv says:


Haydos M says:

That’s a great idea

Jason Clay says:

it golf not foot golf

Ilia Zvedeniouk says:

me too

bienco cimafranca says:

i had this in my mind for a long time

FootGolf Holland says:

Im so happy we already discovered this sport back in 2009. We’ve been
plying for years now 🙂

UK Footgolf says: to find out more information

sikguitarist says:

I’d so play this.

Duinwijck says:

Great sport, I’ve already did this several times in The Netherlands. It’s
quit popular here. But i guess you all saw that because of the two Dutch
guys in this item (and Simon Wetzel being the winner of the event).

Alex Caravaggio says:

Does anyone know if there are any courses in Canada.

drboogersnot says:

Looks pretty fun.

LazyOldMe RS says:

Penalty for not taking out the flag stick while on the green.

Joey Naus says:

This is gonna be World Wide!

Renae Boyle says:

Looks like a blast!

sniperman129 says:

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