Fred Couples – Driver (328 Yards) Super Slow Motion – June 9, 2013

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Matthew Mc says:

/Daily exstention on the back swing

ibrahim Rashid says:

gets in a lot of side bend on downswing

Raymond Clarke says:

I love the music. What is it

GoldenGoose says:

His swing looks much more beautiful at regular speed, strangely.

Marc Mestanas says:

That was epic

MrBurns says:

Who says it went 328?

Suhartono Thambrin says:

Mantapss tenan

Suhartono Thambrin says:

Mantapss tenan

Dan C says:

This man is just poetry in motion. There have been many golfers who have had super sweet swings. None IMO as this man who continues against the law of aging who continues with such fluid motion and rotation. You get the feeling while watching this that his best swing is yet to come. Unbelieviable really.

Pretty Jay says:

I love where his right elbow is at the top of the swing, so unique.

Phillip says:

Perfect music for such a amazing swing.

phantomlord54 says:

Pure perfection .. such a majestic swing .. He is as graceful and fluid today at 54 as he's ever been 

Sandman4224 says:

Definitely a draw with that release.

ouodo says:

like 50% of his downswing, his arms almost completely stop travelling and all the movement is unhinging. such a great swing.

bababooey says:

the one and only…boom boom

이수기 says:

왜? 저런 자세가 않나올까요 ㅠ

JGilmerGolf says:

sweet swing there!

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