Tommy Fleetwood – Slow Motion Driver and Iron swing analysis

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More release videos –,15/?ref_id=youtube

Tommy Fleetwood is an elite ball striker. In this video, Golf Smart Academy's Tyler Ferrell, highlights two key aspects of his swing that enable him such success. I target his solid release and his pivot adjustments for different clubs. That combination creates the a reliable pattern for both his irons and his driver.

Thanks to Michael Field for the great slow motion videos.

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Thai golf tips says:

One of the best movement of hips, perfect timing.

X Press says:

Where have the gone in the view?

Gus de Mags says:

Thank you very much!

Ralf Behrendt says:

Um wieviel um den um über⬆

Follow Arjan says:

Hi can someone help me – guide me through my shots? I am trying to take part in an amateurs' competition by end of the year – a lofty goal yes but I am taking this challenge. Please comment on my swing and provide any pointers or tips:

Kari Haajamo says:

Great analysis, well explained✌️

mr r says:

Weird movements for golf swing..

Christian Soschner says:

Great Analysis

kidpoker007 says:

So much shoulder tilt at impact

Drew Spinoso says:

That right arm isn’t “extending.” You’re smoking putt-putt grass.

Hill Picon says:

I wanted to find out about correct Golf swing and the , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) was the first guide I chose. Featured in the guide are considerable guidelines like picking the right club model and length depending on your arm length, height, and shoulder width. The lessons have been extremely useful, allowing me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 within the last year..

j s says:

Curious. The bend he has in his back once his shaft is parallel seems to be a bit much. Might this lead to back problems down the line? Baseball players who have this reverse C shape tend to develop back issues. I play golf but not near enough to know anything about the technique. However, I am quite familiar with how the spinal engine should rotate. What do you think?

Kevin Arbogast says:

He’s not delaying impact. It’s a byproduct of keeping his head behind the ball through the entire downswing. He’s not even swinging his arms, he dropping them. They’re almost completely limp except for the energy it would take to steer the club.

Fred Negus says:

Pure drivel

sole agui says:

Tommy 💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊

gheckolock81 says:

This is gibberish, stay away.

John Reid says:

The difference between the position of his head at address and impact is massive. Shows the secondary tilt, keeping his head behind the ball

The Ropers says:

just holding that position hurts

Joel Driver says:

Great ballstriker but he is going to have major back problems early on in his career. That just looks painful.

Cameron Levels says:

Drop head so much crazy! Great sving otervise

name says:

this is all good, but don't expect to golf like this when you're 50. You'll most likely have really messed up your back by then.

Frank Q says:

I feel like amateurs should NOT copy this move at all, this will ruin all ur golf understanding….

Manuel Saldivar says:

The thing Tommy Fleetwood and a lot of great tour players do so well happens at the moment of impact. The shoulders are closed – almost square and the hips are open approximately 30 degrees. This tremendous amount of torque happens because most tour players are left side dominant instead of right side dominant. Most amateurs and high handicap players think you have to push from your right side instead of pulling from your left.

Bo Pang says:

Great instructions in term of release point difference between iron and driver.

Transcendent Studios says:

Disclaimer ; not expert analysis

Adrian Hillary says:

As a novice this made great sense, and I will definitely be trying these 2/3 type shots at the range to help improve strike and consistency. Thanks.

swish1onu says:

You're wrong about lag. Lag is not INTENTIONAL. It is the CONSEQUENCE of transitioning between the back swing to the forward swing. The faster your swing speed the more exaggerated the lag. People with slower swings speeds end up, a lot of the time, forcing their hands to remain in the lag positions and the end result is a horrendous slice.

Garth Downton says:

IMO his swing is the closest to Moe Norman's, his finish is more at the target, something Moe advocated. He has many wins ahead of him. He is also an excellent putter!

Billy Graham says:

… the ball is placed back further in the stance for the iron shot too…

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