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Fresh start Putting –  Is this true about you and your golf game?

Here's is an interesting article from Jeff Richmond from about putting and your success in golf…

*Putting Prediction Test by Jeff Richmond*

I was reading recently on an article that found how golfers perform on putts from 25 fee largely determined there handicap. I have a link to that article below. But here were the assumptions on 25 feet putts…

“…players who tend to leave themselves a two-footer or less on a 25-foot putt generally corresponds with a scratch handicap. Players who leave themselves between two feet and three feet generally shoot in the low 80s, while players who finish between three and four feet (or more) generally shoot in the 90s or above. But, of course, these are averages.”

In the article they then had a test to hit 10 different putts from 25 feet and measure your distance to the hole on average with these results:

Average 2 feet or closer: Scratch Player

Average 2 to 3 feet: Low 80's shooter

Average 4 feet or outside: 90's shooter

Then at the end of the article it say's this…

“Find out where you stand, and then get to work!”

The logical thing to do is go out and do this test, see where you stand and then try and improve your performance from 25 feet.

But then on another hand, doing that is ridiculous!

Because many of these “putting tests” have come out over the years and what I see is golfers that are not good putters do the tests which confirm this and then they think they just have to work harder. Practice more.

Sadly, the more they practice they are just ingraining there bad putting habits and often times putting worse than they did before.

If you are not a very good putter here's my piece of advice.

You have two options.

1. Don't practice. Don't try anything to improve your putting and just accept that you're a bad putter.

2. If you've tried a lot of different things to improve your putting but very little has helped… and you still want to improve your putting then… your only option is to do things that are radically different to what you've ever done before.

That's the only way I've found that actually helps bad putters to improve. Doing the traditional drills, techniques and advice does very little to help bad putters.

It's because of that reason, I created my new Fresh Start Putting program. To finally help bad putters to become great. I have tested that program on 7 bad putters with amazing results that you can see here.

It's because of those great results that I have released this program to let you use it as well. And to celebrate the launch of this program I have it on special for a limited time.

So if you're a bad putter, and you've tried lots of things to improve but very little has helped, then go here and get my Fresh Start Putting program and give yourself the best chance of becoming a great putter. here.

Because when you become a great putter you'll naturally enjoy playing golf more and lower your scores… but most importantly, you won't feel nervous and horrible on the greens. You'll actually start to enjoy putting. How good is that going to feel when you do that.

To make that happen, however, you need to do something completely different.

Start by going here and getting the Fresh Start Putting program because it's on special now.

Here's what one of the seven testers said after following the new program for 2 months…

“You asked Jeff for my results and comments after 2 months of trying your new putting program. All I can say is TRULY AMAZING!!! Ya know my bad putting has held my game back for many years. Given up hope of improving if I'm really honest. This was my last chance and I'm so glad I took it. I actually don't mind putting now! Detested putting before this program would be about right. My handicap at the end of 2018 was 12. Right now in March of 19, it's 8. The first time in 10 years I'm back in single figures. All I can say about this is… if you are a bad putter reading this and tried it all… give Jeff's new program a try. It brought my putting back from the dead. I just can't see how it couldn't help any bad putter.”

Don Brown, Texas, USA

Go here to get the same program Don used to get these great results here.


P.S. Click the link to the article that supposedly predicts your handicap by a putting test:

13 thoughts on “Fresh Start Putting

  1. aha, this explains when I don't care and just do a one-armed tap-in, it almost always goes right in. Then, when I putt normally, I'm using too much body leading to pushes and pulls. Thanks for the drill ideas.

  2. The two vids that came up first when I typed in 'golf putting stroke' were completely opposite to each other. The other was 'golf with Aimee'. The technique couldn't have been more different 🙂

  3. This is indeed, "the best and ever simple" technique of putting… I've been putting this way on and off and always so surprised in regard to the results! Am wondering if you Joe, give lessons on a swing in general! I live in Chicago and have my second home in Scottdale, Az and visit Palm Springs periodically! Would love to team up with you for a lessen of two. Let me know.

  4. if ya'll are having trouble putting, then your thinking about shit too much. Just tap the fucking ball into the hole.
    ignore this video and don't watch anymore videos about putting.
    Just look at the hole and tap the ball over to it. You will instinctively do it right. Might miss but that's just practice.

  5. I am unable to get to a course for a couple of weeks so I have just been practicing on the carpet and find this video to have been really helpful as it is simplifying the stroke by reducing the moving parts. Even the miss putts seem to roll better and the pace appears more controllable therefore more consistent with distance. I do putt with reverse grip and this feels OK. If a clip or comment on the different grips that players use and use this style of putting would also be good as I did revert to the claw grip for a while after watching Phil Mickelson as the standard grip just was not working for those short putts that end up being yippy putts turning into 3 putt greens. Shall keep my little fingers crossed when I get out onto the course. The saying 'keep it simple stupid' seems to be working in my practice. I just feel more comfortable standing over the ball. Back to some practice. From the Land Downunder.

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