Full Swing – Golf With Michele Low 全揮桿

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Anh Tran says:

Improved a lot after watching your video

Trey Hill says:

Michelle I just wanted to say thank you. I have watched hundreds of so called experts golf instructors and honestly those instructions mess up my swing every time and I have to spend time tp fix it. Since discovering you on youtube you have made golf easier for me. Your simple and relatable instructions is what we needed. I saved your videos and rewatch it everytime I need a reminder on my mistakes. Just want to say Thank You !

Walt Capell says:

agree with so many positive comments. Michele breaks it down in a manner that is so easy to identify with Awesome.

Navrang Singh Rathore says:

Good to watch the video. Detailed explanation . Step by step teaching. Rest will depend on practice and rehearsals

Walter Wong says:

The best. Esay to follow. Love it.

Aaron Zhu says:


Jay Fixes Things says:

I love the way you take it step by step through the lesson. You’re a great teacher.

Michele H says:

This is what I have been searching for. Perfect! I got everything down but the straight left arm on top. Michele, you're amazing! Ur teaching is clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much from Michele as well (& Tofu too, my Labradoodle)

Manson Cheng says:

May I know 10 lessons is how much?

Badong Calanoy says:

My swing improved a lot after applying your methods.

Hope you can visit Philippines and have a face to face instruction from you!

Muhammad Farid says:

this is really good video as a baseline . My mum started joining me at the golf range and she really enjoy your video!

Fredrik Wu says:



Thank coach make golf with easy

Yuda W Putra says:

You explain very well..best golf tutorial I ever watch. Always keep sharing..thanks alot for your video

Krit Srinisakorn says:

Thank you, ma'am. Appreciated.

QH Nguyen says:

Hello Michelle, all your video are great !!! Can you demystify the spine angle in the down swing , follow through to a finish position. I have no clue how when I would stand straight up in the down swing. I appreciate your instructions !!

koa vi says:

the best golf instructor i ever come across with thank you Michelle you the best

James Yarbrough says:

Love it when you pull them elbows in OMG love you 💘❣️

Parlin Roy says:

Excellent Swing Michelle Low 🤗👏👏👍👍

Christian Pillot says:

Merci Michèle pour le magnifique cour..(Christian de Paris )

Joe Kautz says:

Another great video. Good tips and instructions. Thanks so much. Video was nicely edited. Again I like the slow mo. Helps me to understand concepts.

John Bowen says:

Michelle you continue to create instruction videos that are so easy for us; thumbs up!

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