Full Swing – Golf With Michele Low 全揮桿

Michele Low is a Golf Coach and Golf Professional. She aims to create simple and easy-to-follow YouTube videos to help you with your golf game. This channel, Golf With Michele Low is home of Golf Coaching, Golf Tips, Golf Course Vlogs and every other thing about golf.

MicheIe Low是一名高尔夫教练。她的目标是为您提供有关高尔夫的技巧和理念。

22 thoughts on “Full Swing – Golf With Michele Low 全揮桿

  1. Michelle I just wanted to say thank you. I have watched hundreds of so called experts golf instructors and honestly those instructions mess up my swing every time and I have to spend time tp fix it. Since discovering you on youtube you have made golf easier for me. Your simple and relatable instructions is what we needed. I saved your videos and rewatch it everytime I need a reminder on my mistakes. Just want to say Thank You !

  2. This is what I have been searching for. Perfect! I got everything down but the straight left arm on top. Michele, you're amazing! Ur teaching is clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much from Michele as well (& Tofu too, my Labradoodle)

  3. Hello Michelle, all your video are great !!! Can you demystify the spine angle in the down swing , follow through to a finish position. I have no clue how when I would stand straight up in the down swing. I appreciate your instructions !!

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