Gain distance by changing your Attack Angle

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1cleandude says:

That’s only 8 yards?!

B P says:

I am so sick of people always teaching to the high handicap that has over the top swing. I'm a 2 handicap (inside to out swing) but only a 8.6 launch angle. He didn't give a single piece of angle to help me.

chris allen says:

100-104? Be Ess…show me.

whetedge says:

Good information to know, but it still goes back to sound fundamentals. Maintain levels and swing a consistent radius, attack angle will take care of itself with proper ball position and set up.


Martin always enjoy your instruction…. now it's even better with Trackman.

Coach D. says:

He went from having the ball a little back in the stance to teeing it up a little more forward in the stance, pretty simple.

Bob Mcgee says:

Nicely presented Chuck, and i think more golfers will understand a lot more after watching your Vid.

Patrick Andersson says:

I bought one of this things. I could not play before I bought it but i thought that it is so pricy that it just HAS to learn me how to play.
The second week I hit the radar and I still have not got my green card. Is me doing something wrong ot does this device not work at all. I friend told me that I also have to practice and play without the Trackman but that i find impossible because how can I then analyst Why I never ever hit the ball. Bend your knew, right!

toddms41 says:

What up Chuck!

Ted Brock says:

Good vid, I struggle to do this properly, my issue is when I try this I fall back and keep my weight on my back foot.  With an iron I stack my left side and its fairly easy to get through the ball, with hitting up on the driver, keeping head back, how do u stack the left side and get through the shot properly?

Derek Gzaskow says:

could you find the 17 degrees and 1700 rpm, the holy grail from taylor made? or close to it? Tia

butette says:

A whole 7.6 yards difference in total distance!

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