Kyle Pearson Swing Breakdown & Analysis | Slowpitch Softball | Slowpitch Softball Hitting Mechanics

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In this video, we breakdown the swing of one of the best players in todays game – Kyle Pearson. We dig deep into his mechanics and explain what makes him a good consistent player. After doing a deep analysis into his swing, the key to being a productive hitter is creating a simple swing that you can consistently repeat.


Klubber Lang says:

Hey man can you do Austin dawe?

Kevin Freimarck says:

Not a good analysis, too general.

Seth Centers says:

Flip and branch

ayalanumber3 says:

Sound like Jim from the office for the first minute

grey larkan says:

How much of a difference would regular gold dots balls make on the distance of these? I'm curious, I hit the ball around 330-340 consistently. Curious what I'd do with stadium balls?

Ta eo says:

can you say SHAVED TO THE TEETH BAT!!! LOL!!!

Aaron Sanderson says:

Ryan Harvey

jacksucksatliferdiehaiwjie says:

crazy to think hes my hitting coachh.

uNOwhat says:

Are there more of these? This is awesome. Iโ€™d love to see one of Flip Washington!

Chris Mann says:

My boy KP!! He used to play league ball with us in Bossier City La while he played baseball at LSUS. He is a stud and we are all rooting for him. Nobody could tough our league team! Lol

Nathan Lilley says:

Branch, Harvey

Justin Burdine says:

Steele Lewis

ClutchThreeGod says:

Break down robo!


Jason Branch

MrCrush08 says:

i have 3 Greg Connell, Robo Blackburn or Scott Kirby

Josh Alexander- Farrell says:

Solid swing, weight transfer, snaps his wrists through nicely!! The high leg kick ๐Ÿฆต isnโ€™t really necessary. Whatever works for the individual though ๐Ÿ™‚

Jason Swaby says:

Breakdown Everett Williams next ๐Ÿ‘

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