30 thoughts on “GAME GOLF – Product Video – Indiegogo Campaign

  1. I would like to improve my game. I’m 79 so I tell those who ask. “How is
    your golf game?” I tell them that I’m in the seventies.They don’t believe
    me so I tell them I’m 79. I started playing simulated golf and dropped from
    96 to 80 to 70 to one game of 67 a 5 under par. I would love to have one
    of these things that fit on the belt and on the end of your club. Where do
    I get one???

  2. I would put the device on my upper arm to measure my performance. What do
    you think about Nike Golf invention the tracking sensors in the golf club.

  3. This looks like a great tool – less intrusive to actually playing the game.
    Are you looking for any additional feedback for UAT (User Acceptance

  4. GAME GOLF allows you to review your data prior to signing your game at the
    end of your round where you are able to add penalty shots when necessary
    for situations you described.

  5. I noticed the club tags include a pointed device that is apparently
    inserted into the end of each club. Does this mean you will have a hole in
    the end of your clubs if you decide to stop using this product?

  6. I personally enjoy evaluating my game in my mind and transferring that to
    an old device known as a sheet of paper! Good for what ails ya, in my book.
    Great looking product though, I can see how many will really enjoy this.

  7. How would the game golf system recognize hazard situations? For example, if
    I hit into water and take a drop then proceed with my pre-shot routine,
    wouldn’t the device assume I hit the ball adjacent to the hazard? This
    situation comes into play with unplayable lies, lost balls, etc.

  8. We are going to select a few beta testers from amongst the contributors. So
    you can contribute and then email a request to be a beta tester to info at
    gameyourgame and you will have a chance to get picked. Thanks – The GAME
    GOLF team

  9. All depends on cost. I’ve stopped using my GolfLogix to track my rounds
    because it constantly requires input. I have enough to deal with, playing
    and keeping pace. This Game system sounds promising. Definitely going to
    check it out.

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