GAME GOLF Worsley Park Part 2/3

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Game Golf Digital Tracking Device
Peter Finch:

Game Golf :

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre and Peter Finch test the latest GAME GOLF digital tracking device at Worsley Park Marriott, Manchester UK. What how Rick and Pete navigate around this tough course whilst using a new piece of technology

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straight True says:

I heard Keegan Bradley did a trial with ‘game golf ‘ but had to give up
after he tagged 8 times before each shot !

ZeroSumJ1 says:

186 yard eight iron? I hit it pretty far, but that’s ridiculous. The air
must provide less resistance up there. Either that or you guys need to lay
off the steroids.

Mike Kefer says:

Rick Shiels and Peter Finch vs. Mark Crossfield and Steve Buzza?

fullwerkes says:

Hehe love the reference to you know who at the start :)

Stuart Mackay says:

Nice work lads I watch all ur stuff as I do mr crossfield , when is the
match we all want going to happen?!?!?! My money is on my main man MR

Alvin Aguirre says:

Me lo estoy metiendolo por mi oreja ya que Rio Bayamon todavia no ha
publicado (mapping) en GPS el campo. Asi que no lo puedo usar

Oli377 says:

I liked what you were saying about creating backspin. I play at a cheaper,
less well looked after course near my workplace and its not in the best
condition and ive been struggling to get any spin. But the other day I
played a course near my dad’s place which is very well looked after and I
was getting soo much check and spin on the ball. I didnt understand how
much the course quality can effect your spin until that day

Strat TelePaul says:

I think Pete should get an entire set of irons that match that 1 iron.

P-M Meiners says:

Are the green run out lines on the graphics just programmed in GG? I think
they must be. Am I right?
By the way you guys must tag by the ball instead of 4 yards in front.
Otherwise your stats are useless and next time if you think you can carry
the ball over the pont you’re just falling short :-)

Johan Klarin says:

“Looking forward to getting stuck in”. Rick: “is that copyright?” If +Mark
Crossfield was American he would sue you 🙂 

John Sanders says:

AskGolfGuru is never this funny

James Littler says:

Superb stuff. Rick showing everyone what an amazing player he can be when
he’s on form. Well played.

Wes Ferrin says:

Rick and Pete, great stuff. Have either of you thought about comparing
different brands of wedges showing various data from your tests. Spin,
launch, carry, stopping distance, etc. I am considering the new Callaway
Mack Daddy wedges. Some information on how to select bounce, loft, etc.
would be awesome. Thanks for all the great videos.


Great Video Rick and Pete!! Not getting off point but being the Ryder Cup
this year maybe a Challenge with You, Pete and Me and My Golf Piers and
Andy against some American pros?? Just a idea

Jon Wragg says:

Does the game golf unit just show total distance, ie carry + roll?

donkobert says:

have you already mentioned how it knows where the hole is?

Robert Clark says:

Hi mate great videos keep up the great work, just wondering how much are
your lessons?

Jay Davis says:

Playing Kiawah Ocean Course next month. Any tips to fix my overdraw on
knockdown irons?

grizzmack12 says:

Click like if you feel bad for babies who can’t do long division

lenny law says:

Can you use the game golf in the rain

Zachary Rich says:

#Taylormade #SLDR 

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Part 2/3 GAME GOLF Worsley Park
With @PFGolfPro @GameYourGame @WorsleyPark

salliemedia says:

Well played, Rick. I’ve just bought one of those things based on your vlog
/ review, but how does it know where the hole is? Also, if you tag on 5
metres before your ball how does it account for that?

MacClellandMan says:

Some quality play, gentlemen.

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