Gary Player Golf Clinic

► Watch as Gary Player gives a funny and insightful golf clinic that is full of swing tips and stories

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21 thoughts on “Gary Player Golf Clinic

  1. coz every time I watch him he tells us he does 4million situps in 5mins that's why,,,,if he could learn to STOP that bit he would be great…Every time, let it lie Gary…you are a legend without that bit…great clinic

  2. What a rude arrogant know all player is puts everyone down thinks he's the greatest ever. He's not fit to lace tigers boots ! Fucking hate the guy a dinosaur

  3. At 1:40 – Mr Gary Player stop right there – your suggestion of different golf swings is phoney – any differences, have been shown – if anyone of common sense needs to refer to such – in a proper scientific analysis – to be totally insignificant !! Such are the forces, centrifugal being the main one, that accrue when a golf club is swung obliges EVERY good golfer to follow the EXACT SAME PATTERN OF MOVEMENTS to achieve an effective shot; as Robert De Niro said in "The Score", after successfully blowing out the door of a safe, "It's just physics"

    As a golfer Mr Player is worth watching; in this seemingly typical role of golfing guru he's a consummate narcissistic pain in the backside; constantly suggesting do as I do and you'll be like me. Perish the bloody thought ! As Alan Wells, Olympic Champion, said about athletics, "It's a kind of insanity"

  4. Tells the same shit stories about Palmer, Trevino and Nicklaus every time, full of himself and will never be compared in the same mould as these other, even Tom Watson, Gary is such a great guy but unfortunately he can't wait to be interviewed just to tell the whole world how good he was and still is! Sad! Sad!

  5. 81 years old and fit as hell. No lies exercise and keep fit and you have a good chance to live long and eep your mental faculties . He is the jacklalane of golf!

  6. Gotta love how Gary regales his students with his 1000 plus situp routine while most the blokes standing behind him couldn't even bend down to tie their shoes.

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