Gary Player on Ben Hogan

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John Clark says:

it's all a bit too much shrouded in mystery for me.but, I gotta say, he did have a fabulous golf swing??

Marc Fauteux says:

There are a few secrets. There are certain things that happen in the swing that he never fully explained. It was because of competition in those days. 
There are alot of movements that Hogan did that stand out among other great swings. There are also ALOT of similarities. All great ball strikers do a few things in common, he just happened to do those certain things to a higher level.

Dot Matrix says:

Yes, the hands are clamps attached to the arms which are strings, attached to a tensed coil. Release!

Krazy Uncle says:

"Knowing and doing are two very different things". I couldn't agree more with that very insightful statement. However, Hogan did care what his competitors though which is why he told them to "dig it out the dirt". He wasn't going to tell them anything. They had to find it for themselves.

Krazy Uncle says:

The two dislikes come from guys whos swings are broken and can't be fixed, lol. Really guys? smh

Connor Kapahi says:

Is that why almost every PGA Tour player starts their downswing with their lower bodies? Hogan wouldn't care if everyone knew what his 'secrets' to golf were because knowing and doing are two very different things.

Brad Morris says:

No secret folks. It's all right there. And even many of those who get what he is saying find it incredibly difficult to do. It's a very difficult move both mentally and physically to not hit from the top and to then release the club to freely swing through the ball. But rather than admit that, I guess it's easier to believe in some secret.

David W says:

From what I can see online, anyone who shouts "ben hogan's secret!!" online is looking to either promote their youtube videos or sell something that they refer to in their videos. It's pretty obnoxious. Ben hogan's biggest secret is diligent thoughtful practice and method based on practical outcome. Not a "you can hit it perfectly right away"*secret*. What garbage!

stuartmcdowall says:

The right elbow is just part of left-arm/right shoulder/L-shaped right arm apparatus you create in the backswing. The whole apparatus must move forward, or it will have to break down early in order to apply the clubhead…and that early breakdown drains clubhead speed and accuracy. Google "Martin Hall Transport the Angle" YT won't let me post a URL…good luck!

paulyrulo1 says:

Are you PARANOID or what??? His explanation is truthful and right dead on!
Just watch him actually do what he says should be done….its not like Coca Cola gave their secret formula to Pepsi!

sam says:

shut up you bellend

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

4. can u explain/elaborate on #4 – why must the right elbow be close to the hip? do u know if hogan mention it explicitly in 5 lessons?

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