Greatest F1 Drivers Of All Time

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The Best Drivers In F1's History

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christian pegoraro says:

SENNA is the GOAT !!!

Actaragus says:

Copy pasting the WDC winner titles ranking is not sufficient to do a GOAT ranking. Still that Prost deserve to be there.

Kokushibo says:

Where is Fangio?

Doberman Productions says:

I prefer Schumacher over Senna, and I feel Schumacher was just the better man in the end.

FastFormula says:

Fangio Deserves a mention

Scott_e says:

Fangio deserves a mention but idk who I would swap him for honestly

Darth Vader says:

Prost is the most underrated of all time, I don’t like him but he’s statistically the 5th best ever with 4 WDC’s, in one of them beating senna in equal machinery (1989) and almost beating him in a slower Ferrari in 1991 if senna hadn’t gone into him

Dennis Pimentinha says:

Senna the best

Kacperr says:


Phy - Co says:

Don’t forget Niki Lauda 😢, Gilles villeneuve 😢, Nelson piquet 😢, Nigel mansell 😢, Fernando Alonso, the secondary level goats 😢😢😢

titivideomusic says:

I agree with your clasament 100%

Bram kuijsten says:

I think u forgot max above Hamilton

Nicolas LLado says:

Where is Fernando Alonso?

Kimi says:

Bro, how can you put senna on 1st place? Well yes he was successful, but not as much as Michael. Anyway respect for putting Michael in front of Hamilton 💪

Ismar Ducic says:

Fangio? Nr1. Senna Nr1

Charlie Harper says:

Jim Clark in front of Prost.

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