Ranking Golf Club Brands BEST to WORST

I rank golf club brands from best to worst. Leave a comment down below with your rankings.

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21 thoughts on “Ranking Golf Club Brands BEST to WORST

  1. Ping, Titleist, and Callaway not in the pure class section… I’m guessing this was done purposely in order to be controversial and to spark comments. Well done, since I did comment after all. You got me.

  2. So i have a Cleveland driver that i feel better and put more distance out than a Taylor driver. Honestly at least you didn't put them on the bottom. I always say its not what the logo says but what does it do in your hands. Ill take a thrift store club that i crush the ball with over a 600$ latest and greatest that isn't swinging the way i want.

  3. Having Srixon and Miura that low is laughable. Both need to at least be would buy. PXGs are wayyy too expensive for performance that is just on par with the other big boys. Only thing pure class about Taylormade is their marketing department. So I’d bump TM down, TEExotics down, PXG down, Titleist up, Srixon and Miura up. I’d be tempted to bump Ping all the way up too, but I have just never been able to get along with their irons. I didn’t even know Adams still existed to be honest. Their hybrids were great 10-15 years ago, but those days are gone. Nikes were never any good at all. Anyone remember that SQ driver they had? It sounded like you were swinging a metal trash can at the ball.

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