Girl Has A SWING On Her at TopGolf πŸ‘€πŸ”₯ #shorts

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Ronald And Amy Rodriguez says:

She makes it look easy

Dennis Gorbatkin says:

Not bad asses

β€’chillβ€’hillβ€’ says:


Josh the official nub says:

To be able to do that in heels is impressive

crimsontide1980 says:

The perfect woman doesn't exi………

luvenskyvalmontart says:

The swing 2 and the last one are amazing!

Starlight gacha says:

Wait were you at the one it Oregon or California

Jose Moreno says:

I wish I was in between them cheecks everytime she tightens them

Modernity says:

Bros legit happy Gilmore

Abby Feaster says:

I love top golf it the funniest thing ever

The Editmaster says:

I can hit harder 😀

sean white says:

The high heel boots and the driver shot is what I call β€œanything you can do I can do better”

Mr. Cake says:

This is gonna break my dopamine dotex..

Der Yang says:

What is this place?

v! says:

i beat my family with 25 at top golfπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tony Tone says:

The best swing I ever seen

your typical mother says:

Not that good, club head speed is lower than 110 mph, swing was not able to be perfect

scbassed says:

She’s got some hips too

Regular Guy Fixes says:

This not Jenna on holly Molly is it?

##lij4h says:

why was this attractive

Ben Miller says:

You should see Kyle Berkshire

Mark Lee says:

Hitting an iron on a tee should be a crime

Gigachad Longshanks Malleus Scotorum et Iudaeorum says:

All you have to do to get millions of views is be a semi attractive female.

The current generation of males are embarrassing simps

Cleveland Smith says:

She hit that like a softball .

Ike Aub says:

Some serious hitters on display

Philip Jnz says:

Ive never gone to top golf before but what stops someone from letting go of the club mid swing and knocking someone behind them out?

Sara Winter says:

Hey that’s me:)

Wes White says:

Ball Busters!

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