This VERY EFFECTIVE Practice Drill Makes THE GOLF SWING So EASY! (In just 1 MIN)

This simple practice drill makes the golf swing SO SO EASY. This will help you to get PERFECT Ball Striking in Just 1 Minute.

Alex Elliott golf Top 50 Golf Coach shares with you the best practice drill to achieve a simple but great golf swing that will get you striking the golf swing so much better. This drill provides you with a simple illustration that is easy for any level golfer, whether that be a beginner golfer, professional golfer or amateur golfer. This golf drill provides with consistency, power, accuracy , width, the correct connection every single time.This VERY EFFECTIVE Practice Drill Makes THE GOLF SWING So EASY! (In just 1 MIN)

We all want to perfect our stance in the golf swing to keep the golf swing connected and strike our irons pure.

This practice drill will get the best golf ball striking of your life. It doesn’t get any easier than this drill. This really simple golf tip is the key to an easy golf swing that hits the ball long and straight out on the golf course. Top 50 coach is super easy to help you feel a powerful and consistent golf swing and gives you perfect contact with the club face.

By doing this simple practice drill you are will see huge benefits to your golf ball striking.

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14 thoughts on “This VERY EFFECTIVE Practice Drill Makes THE GOLF SWING So EASY! (In just 1 MIN)

  1. THX Alex, another to store & use. Can I ask: When you go for a round of golf what is your “Preparation routine?” Ie what is your warm-up an how long to you try to give yourself ?

  2. I have a tendency to get my hips too far in front and then push the ball to the right. Does this drill require more timing or is my hip rotation out of order? Thanks ?

  3. I'm am recovering from a hip replacement. I have watched a lot of your lessons. You provide simple, easy to understand tips, and there are a few I have written down. I have had time away and was a 7. I can start anew and build a better swing with your ideas. I am lucky as I have always had good pace on the greens. Keep these coming. I hope you reach your goals in helping me reach mine. Victoria British Columbia Canada ??

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