GOLF – Hip Rotation – How to activate the HIPS

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THIS WORKS Activate the hips in the golf swing. How to turn through the shot and easily activate your hips with a drill that actually works. Being able to rotate your body through impact offers more power and accuracy within your golf swing. This video gives you a simple drill that is super effective

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The starting place is the “iron swing series” offering the set of the Eureka Golf Swing canes and a step by step tutorial of the full action.
REMEMBER: as Steve says, “There is a difference between opening your stance and aiming left”.


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Georgie Walker says:

Hello Steve. Great video. Thanks so much. My husband and I are going to try and get this right. I’m a high handicapper, 60 years old, a social golfer here in South Africa. Love the game. Any bit of help is brilliant. Best regards to you. I’m a new subbie. Yay!

Stephen Mckenna says:

Pelvic turn is different to hip turn. I've noticed that pelvic angle at address is key to correct pelvic movement during the swing. But it's not pelvic speed that creates clubhead speed it's internal rotation of the left hip joint that when released creates lag and speed. Nobody I have seen has ever described the difference adequately. I bet you could though Steve?

Glenn C says:

Yeah, I'm hep!

colin tennant says:

Excellent again

Wayne Smith says:

Great hip turn lesson.Can i ask you Steve i noticed your lead foot was slightly open could you talk about your feet position thanks.

RJ says:

Needs a Shakira soundtrack!

Barracatcher says:

You just keep giving good Sir.
Seasons greetings……. Now where did I put that bottle of single malt?.?.?.?

Roy Close says:

Well done Steve hope you have a good Xmas and a happy new golfing year 🏌 👍 🙂

Tim Carry says:

Lucky to not be in Scotland today 😉

Scott Tummins says:

I coach swimming and I've said that a million times "if you're trying to change something and it doesn't feel strange then you've changed nothing" I'm also golf crazy and your advice and coaching is spot on. Thanks for all the help. Keep on keeping on!

Jason Waller says:

Great feels from this exercise (Ever thought of going on Strictly come dancing?)

Timothy Vanular says:

That's it! The secret of the Golf swing. You nailed it. Just like Percy Boomer described it in 1946 and greatly influenced Ben Hogan.

Mark Potochniak says:

Great lesson Steve, can't wait to try it at the range today!

Kirk Clements says:

You should re-imagine that heavy bag demonstration with the idea that you are trying to throw that bag onto a shelf that is 10 meters high and notice how the hips work. Only then you will have the truth of how the body supports the arm swing while saving the spine. Hint – when turning you should de-weight 1 leg in each direction so that the spine can move with the pelvis as if on a single post. Otherwise, debilitating spinal injury is in your future.

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