GOLF: An Easy Way For Senior Golfers To Get More Distance – Eric Cogorno Golf Lesson

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An Easy Way For Senior Golfers To Get More Distance

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This is a portion of an in-person lesson I had with George. In this clip we're focusing on backswing turn as well as getting his hands more up and back so he can get more distance.


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Ken Ross says:

What an awesome teaching video !!!

Wendell Kristofak says:

If you lift the left heel you can turn more. Much easier on the back.

Robert Hudson says:

Brilliant lesson. Wish I was in the Staes so I could have a lesson with you. Great stuff.

gary mission says:

I've got similar issues. Not enough turn and the club to close to my head. Ive got a terrible path problem where i just hard pull left which i think is over the top. Im gonna try your advice to this guy and see how it works

Jonas Wallman says:

Great as usual, but have a look at his feet, specially right foot, put toes backward and the turn will be much easier to manage.

Raj Singh says:

How to compensate for a weak lower body?

Todd W says:

Eric, you have a very calming but confidence-inspiring delivery in your teaching. I enjoy how you convey your knowledge of the golf swing. Keep up the great work!

Birdie Gof says:

Great stuff Eric. Why not let him lift his lead heel off the ground, ala Bobby Jones, in order to allow him a much greater shoulder turn. I'm 60ish years old and a few years ago I started allowing my lead heel to come off the ground. There is very little tension in the body when you do this and very little stress on the back either. Nicholas, Couples, Watson (Tom and Bubba) and others (Matt Wolff) allow that lead heel to come off the ground. It does change your swing timing but well worth the effort to get a great turn away from the ball. Thanks for your great content….loved your stuff with Mike Malaska. Mike is an awesome golf coach.

michael sherry says:

So in your other video for old guys, your stance was right foot forward a little, left foot back a little open to help with the turn. Why didnt you do it here. Looked like the perfect old guy for this

Garrett Kondo says:

Little tip to keep arm out and awAy is use right arm to push away to keep left arm straighter and wider.

JBoy says:

Without reading other comments, I’m positive the feedback has got to be THE MOST BRILLIANT VIDEO SHOWN. At last a normal golf swing being improved right in front of our eyes, and not you demoing an almost flawless swing. Well done 👍.

Kevin M says:

My swing is identical this this guy……I like Eric's method. Hope is a terrible thing for a hacker like me! 🙂

Kevin Stanley says:

Eric, what's helped me make a bigger turn is taking my right foot and opening it up. It allows me to move my right hip back more, allowing my right shoulder to then go back. Now if I can just relieve more tension in my arms, I think I can get more club speed.

vince guest says:

He's never going to turn with his right foot turned in like that, needs a bit of Sam Snead right foot flare.

Ray Manbert says:

Your first video you have a stance with feet flaired to promote longer swing for the senior golfer. On this you do not do the.same. Please explain. Ray Confused!!

James Sawyer says:

You do a great job with Sr plaers

Mohamad Abdul Malik says:

Will it help his shoulder turn if he flared his right leg a little bit outwards.

Hen says:

This is one of the best lessons I've seen on YouTube! My new favorite channel!

Suburb A Knight says:

Great tip, take a senior with limited flexibility and tell them to use a full shoulder & hip turn like a thirty year old and hope they don't blow their arthritic left knee out, or slip a disc! I'm sixty and only turn 60 deg, no I don't hit 280 yrd drives anymore but I play within my limits and live with the 200yrd carries I get, if I need more I play a draw,, I play 1"longer irons because when I try to bend I lift my back during my swing, so I play with longer shafts and bend less. If you want to fine tune your old age golf swing go to someone that knows what it's like to be old!

Raji Dewan says:

Talking before showing looses. Interst

steve perry says:

that had some good results for that guy. i'm pluggin into that cause it sure looks like me kinda at the begining. the only thing i seem to get too inside when i try to intentionally turn and stuck.

randy underwood says:

as a 64yo golfer i think the best thing we old farts can do is try to keep as fit as we can. everything becomes a little easier if the old bod is some what "in shape". i'm 5'8" 145lbs

John Munies says:

Eric: Thanks so much for posting this video and all you do for the home gamers. Watched this on day 2 of our member-member and shot the best round in 2 years. Hit a par 3 shot to 4” to boot. Thanks !

Korny says:

I loved you in Weeds, Guillermo!

Rudy2053 says:

That will be, the best lesson he is going to have in his life, for sure. Good job Eric, that was beautiful.

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