Golf Balance and Posture Drill For Great Ball Striking

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John Drew says:

The root cause needs to be fixed instead of the end result of early extension.

Gerardo T says:

How do I keep my left foot still?

Frank Conijn says:

The idea of keeping the pelvis stationary is great, but the drill is not very useful. I can't use it on my driving range because it doesn't have grass in the bays.

betterbodyone says:

I love that you guys address and the physical limitations of the golfer along with the swing drill with feedback!

john anthony says:

Never seen or heard of this tip before .Just great thanks

Toto Sugiarto says:

Nice instructional, How find my own tempo, to keep still my balance posture..??, Do you have video drill..?, Thanks

Kelly Varga says:

simple correction put the weight on your tummy dummy the golf ball is in front of you not behind you

Lucas Rosado says:

Would it be wrong or bad to use a work out band or belt.. tie it to a post or something solid that wouldn't let you move your hips forward??

Roosevelt Turner says:

These guys have helped my swing tremendously. They have a video for every swing flaw that I have. I wish I could fly over and take a lesson from them in person. I was seriously ready to quit playing until I started watching their videos

Boerre Rikardsen says:

Excellent video, and I think I finally have the answer to the inconsistency in my swing. How does early extension impact early release of the gold club? 

Jeffrey Call says:

Andy did you know that you are missing a spike on you left foot.  Great video 

John Flavel says:

very good video easy too watch and remember.will let you know if it works for me.

Hank Harmon says:

What causes his early extension?

KhrisBecks says:

Awesome videos! Thank a lot guys.

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