The "A" Swing Down Spout Trainer – Effective Mechanics in DAYS

The “A” Swing allows ACCURACY you could never imagine and AWESOME distance with the simplest motion ever developed for golf. Because the PGA and Tour Players are the authority figures for teaching golf with their rotary, injury prone mechanics, you will have to have an open mind to something that is as superior as the “A” Swing. You will find it extremely difficult to believe what you are seeing in this video can actually work!

However, if you are still a high handicap golfer that has reached your frustration stage with the rotary body swing and you are willing to try the “A” Swing, you will not be disappointed!

And, if you have any physical limitation (back, shoulder, hip or knee problems which are virtually removed with the “A” Swing), you will play the best golf of your life in less training time that you could ever imagine!

And, if you are brave enough to break away from the authority figures injury prone rotary body swing, you will not be disappointed.

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Jack Kuykendall – Golf's #1 Scientific Teacher
Golf Magazine Top 100 1996-2003

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