Golf Club Fitting: Picking The Correct Shaft Flex

A crucial element when it comes to finding the right golf clubs for your game is picking the correct #shaft flex. Unfortunately, there’s no industry standard when it comes to shaft #flex, which complicates the process. And as we all know, #golfers all have their own unique swings as it relates to speed, tempo, and transition. In this exclusive video, 2nd Swing master fitter James Tracy and 2nd Swing staff writer Drew Mahowald discuss shaft flex and tell you what you need to know about that aspect of #club #fitting.

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14 thoughts on “Golf Club Fitting: Picking The Correct Shaft Flex

  1. Shaft length. Sure that is important. But flex? I think that is garbage. I have a 60g stiff flex for a 910D3 with 9g of lead tape. When I put a much much lighter head, like the ts3, it just feels like garbage. The ball flight is super weak and the ball stalls in the air. I think shafts are all about feel. You really do need a launch monitor and more importantly, a fitter , to help you find the right shaft and driver setting.

  2. Very good general baseline to begin your fitting session. Weight of shaft is important as well. 40g, 50g, 60g, 70g ? Things carry by person and not necessarily by club head speed. Are you smooth, medium, or quick tempo?
    Ball height needed – High kick, Medium, low kick.
    Just so many things go into it and enormous choice of shafts.
    Need a good fitter. ??
    I wish there was someone near me.? Trial and error can get very expensive. ?

  3. Is it fair to say that if I am a Reg shaft in irons that the same would apply to Driver and Fairway woods? My SS for 7 iron is 80mph and Driver, 92mph? Many thx.

  4. Shirt sizes from different manufacturers are slightly different just like shafts. Plus shirt sizes in USA are different to the rest of the world because of the obesity problem in the USA. If I visit USA I have to buy one size smaller than UK or EU.

  5. So you ask what club for 150 yards a guy uses, two guys say a 7 iron.
    One guy is playing TA845s with 35*
    The other guy is using a g25 32*
    How does that work?
    I'm the guy playing 845s 35*@ 155 yards, if I had a jacked up loft it might be 165 or 170.
    So based on just club with no consideration of vintage you will make a suggestion?

  6. I just started playing last May and over the last few months I've really gotten into it, so that question about "what club would you use to hit 150" was really helpful for me as someone looking for a new driver. I carry my 9 150 and my PW 135 so I'd probably use the PW for that distance anticipating some rollout and not wanting to roll off a green. By that logic I should be looking for a extra stiff- right now I'm using a regular flex and I notice extreme bend of the club when looking at my videos, so that change could help me out.

  7. Great video i live in England so cannot get fitted by you i was fitted for alta distanza 40g iron shafts and hit my 7 iron around 145 yards does this seem right to you as I am suffering with dispersion which I have never suffered with before. I used to play with ns pro stiff shafts

  8. Have you done a review on the Steadfast Jupiter 1 carbon fiber shaft? They claim to be the longest and most accurate by Golf Laboratories testing. If not would you do a review of them

  9. As a beginner, it just seems like it would take so much time in a fitting to find a shaft the works. My luck changed when I tried that Paul Wilson Body Swing. I'm 54, and just want a nice, easy swing to play golf for fun, and don't want to hurt myself. Maybe a senior flex shaft is the way to go?

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