PING Drivers Comparison Old vs. New | 20 Years of PING Driver Technology

This PING drivers comparison includes five models from the past 20+ years of PING technology, dating back to the PING ISI Titanium driver that was released in the 1990s. Also included in this test is the brand new G425 Max driver.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell use Trackman for this PING drivers comparison to test the PING ISI Titanium driver, the G2 driver, G15 driver, G driver, and G425 Max driver against one another to identify similarities and differences.

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18 thoughts on “PING Drivers Comparison Old vs. New | 20 Years of PING Driver Technology

  1. Considering that most folks looking for a Ping driver are looking for forgiveness over pure distance, having someone hitting it in the center of the clubface every time doesn't really tell us much. If this comparison is strictly for entertainment purposes, then you've certainly achieved that. If it is for educational purposes also, then having someone that can mishit the ball purposely would tell a much more complete story.

  2. Using the stock offerings in the shafts with each model is a perfect test to me because we are talking advances in technology and that should include the shafts

  3. Really surprised at the ball speed of the Ping Tisi as it was made before drivers were made with max COR these days. It is pretty much is up there with the more recent drivers.

  4. Great vid guys. One thing i think might be missing in the equation is the golf ball itself. I know there's probably not a fool-proof way to test a driver in a certain period of time with a ball from its same time, but that would be cool to know (you could round up a golf ball, but it might be deader due to age than when it was brand new). Pros like Jack Nicklaus are satisfied the ball is making almost all the difference, and after this test, i'm starting to believe it. The trampoline effect on these faces today is right against the max allowed, and possibly some of the earlier drivers didn't even have that requirement (or possibly, they're more springy due to use and age!). Still the same conclusion though — today's driver is much more forgiving than yesteryear's driver, while the distance using today's ball hasn't changed all that much. It's probably not a result most people like due to the way these clubs are marketed, but it is a result that's actually better for probably 99% of all golfers 🙂

  5. Your experiment completely mirrors my experience I changed from a 2009 TM Superfast to a G400 max I play on the same course If I hit them both out of The screws The are in the same place but my goodness for off centre hits the difference is massive

  6. Thanks Guys that was a fascinating comparison.
    I have never hit any of the hotels on the 18th but I did once managed to bounce a tee shot up Links Rd without hitting anyone or any cars, it was probably my longest ever drive and undoubtedly my most embarrassing!
    PS and it was with a PING driver (but I can't remember the exact model)

  7. I recently was fit for a G410 at the newer low price. Funny how little there is in it when it comes to a player who is a really good driver of the ball. Obviously the new drivers are way more stable but the distance claims by a lot of major companies is laughable. Great content guys!

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