10 BIGGEST Mistakes When Buying Golf Clubs

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The 10 biggest mistakes I see golfers make when buying golf clubs! In what can be a confusing (and expensive) task, I hope this guide to the pitfalls of buying golf clubs helps you make an informed decision.

00:00 Guide To Buying New Golf Clubs!
00:15 Should I Buy New Golf Clubs?
01:24 Which Golf Clubs Work For Me?
02:02 How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?
03:32 Should I Get Fit For Custom Golf Clubs?
04:30 Which Golf Clubs Are Most Forgiving?
05:26 Should I Use Blade Irons?
06:20 Should I Get New Clubs Or Lessons?
07:14 Do I Need New Golf Clubs?
08:26 Where To Buy Golf Clubs?
09:01 Should I Buy Illegal Golf Clubs?

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Thanks for watching 😊 Let me know what's in your bag at the moment and what you think of it 👇

Csw66n6y says:

Taylor made tour preferred td had since 1994 still in great shape really nice club for me

TJ Meyer says:

My son is a fantastic golfer who absolutely refuses to upgrade his irons. He uses my old clubs, Callaway Hawkeyes, and he did buy a Sim 2 driver recently, which he uses to pound 300+ yard drives. He could be so much better but I just can't seem to get him to take the next step.

Scott aye says:

A purposeful slice won't be as forgiving as someone who doesn't try to but still does it sometimes. No club will be forgiving when they are purposely trying to slice it but still good video

Phil G says:

Ive just upgraded my Cleveland HB Launcher Irons to a set of Cleveland HB Launcher Turbo Irons after a long talk with a Golf Pro at my local range he recomended going for Senior Shafts and boy was he right at 66 years of age the days of hitting a 5 iron 170 yards are well behind me but with these new clubs Im very happy and have increased my distance Im hitting more greens in regulation plus Ive ditched my chipper for those tricky round the green shots so this week first time out with my new clubs with my Golf Society I finished 2nd so a very happy golfer, On an after thought as a golfer on a budget what do you do with all the clubs you get to try out Id love to have a supermarket sweep in your storage room lol

Gowfer says:

Sorry nbut one of the poorest reviews I have watched. Looked at his other offerings…sorry again but just not there.

Jean Herman says:

I am a beginner and I purchased a Top Flite 2021 XL 12 Piece Set for petite golfers.

I received the following…

Fairway Wood

5H Hybrid

6, 7, 8, 9, W Irons


Driver and Fairway Headcovers

Stand Bag

Honestly…I really like this set and it's been great for me as I learn the sport. I don't have any complaints, except that I didn't get a pitching wedge. I feel like beginners need a pitching wedge…we aren't exactly hitting the ball on the green from the fairway?! I picked up a Top Flite Lob Wedge 60 and I love it. The driver is my favorite club…I seem to drive the balls straight. I'm not sure what a higher end club would do for me right now. I feel like I have enough now to learn and get better.

DK viking KD says:

I just love the feel of a well hit long iron..

Randy Coe says:

Titleist AP-1 steel irons and 915D2 graphite woods. AP-1 irons seem to have a "high" trajectory. The 915D2 clubs are OK. I am a mid-handicap, not every day player. Age 75. Thanks for your many fine videos.

Dale Houghton says:

I've been playing for 3months and I'm very inconsistent, is it too early to get fitted for some g425 irons?? I'm using Wilson half set I bought for £90 at the minute.

Knick Badker says:

I’m hitting taylormade aeroburner irons and have been for about 5 years

Brent B says:

Taylormade RBZ's and I've had them for about 2 or 3 years. I bought them second hand tho so I'm not sure when they came out.

Troy Wert says:

" Don't buy new golf clubs if your slicing 60 yards to the right, It's not the golf clubs! " lmao

jimbeamneat says:

I'm terrible at golf but I really enjoy it. This year I am actually working on my game. I have Ping G5 irons 4 – SW. I can hit them somewhat predictably. I also have a couple of rogue hybrids (2&4) that work well some days and a Maverick driver set to draw but still doesn't stop my slice. Can't hit a 3 wood so I sold mine and don't carry one. I'll worry about the G5's being "illegal" when I get my tour card.

Dane Martin says:

I need a very forgiving set of irons at a not bank breaking cost. Any suggestions?

Allen French says:

Currently gaming the cobra f9 irons I’ve had for 3years still in love with them and they are barely showing wear. Saving up a bit to get fitted for a driver currently

BluePoo52 says:

1:43 the guy in the background

Me when I hit the very thin tree branch square

Barry Henderson says:

Taylor made m4 driver and 3 wood. Teitlest 4 hybrid. Aeroburner irons and wedges Bombtech 52 56 60
Odyssey putter. Only been plating a few months but wanted to invest in semi decent clubs minus the wedges but couldn't justify paying prices for wedges

Harrison Knight says:

I got fitted for taylormade p790

N8palmDeath says:

I have been playing Taylormade RAC LT irons for years

James Watchorn says:

I’ve got Jpx 800 pro irons custom fitted from 2012. Now iron lofts have got 1 or 2 degrees steeper I’m just going to take them to my pro to get the lie checked and make the 8 iron down 1 degree steeper

Good clubs last a lifetime

Alfred Penn says:

Taylor Made LGC since 2005 and still driving it 300Yds with my R7. The only clubs i bought recently was a bag of Big Bertha's with an Odyssey Putter at a Lions Sale and i paid 12$. I was so happy. I kept the Putter of course and the 5 wood, 3 wood & a nice Taylor made 54 degree wedge.I bought the LCG's new for about 700$ fitted at golf town. LCG MEANING: Low Center of Gravity (LCG) creates shots that get airborne easily
• Trajectory programmed for high flight and soft landings , they have extra metal on the back side near the toe of the irons wight help with miss hits.

Bob Pegram says:

I bought a set of Callaway RAZR X Forged irons 3-GW several years ago from Callaway Pre-owned. They were rated as 9.0 (the best condition). Since all the 9.0 rated ones were all the same price I bought the ones with the Rifle shafts since I knew the pulled shafts would sell for the most. I knew I was going to re-shaft them with X-flex graphite shafts 1-1/2 inches overlength. They are easier to hit than blades yet are still a one piece forging (with a cavity back). I hit the center of the face often. I found out later that that they are the model Jim Furyk used to shoot 58 in a PGA tournament. I like them a lot including the older, higher, lofts. I don't need new irons. These work great -.even better since I re-weighted them with M.O.I. weighting using lead tape. Each club is 0.65 swingweight higher as the irons numbers get higher. I use a 3 hybrid rather than the 3 iron.

Damon Hadder says:

I have that exact same Wilson set.
My golf instructor said the same thing you did.
He said "normally I'd say you can't buy your way to a better score, but in your case I'd recommend it"

The Yearling Sales Investment Channel says:

G15 about 12 years old – still perfect condition Orange dot 0/flat lie shortened by 1/2 inch. Never had the itch to buy other clubs. Scotty Cameron putter been in my bag 15 years. Ping G driver… Quality lasts!!

David Shelden says:

I just bought Taylormade Rocket Bladez used but in great condition 4-Pw +.5” (I’m 6’2”) for $200 USD and it’s a great starter set for me, been at it for a month and I’m in love with the game

S S says:

Loved the humor too

Adam French says:

I have MacGregor Tourney MT Tungsten (3-SW). Got in 1999. Still in great condition, only regripped once. Perform great, were "fitted" when bought.

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