18 thoughts on “Golf Club Starter Sets / Should Beginners Buy Them

  1. get a beginners set and you too can lose your golf balls all day long, they will promise you control and all kinds of stuff, but they will all suck, and you will be frustrated you will not enjoy the game lol

  2. When you’re a beginner, you could go one of three ways: your new hobby could fizzle out, you might be an occasional player and you might be a fanatic. In the small chance you become a fanatic, you can always upgrade.

  3. My 1st set of clubs was made up of 3 different branded wedges, a set of ram irons, a 5 wood, 3 wood, and a 7 hybrid. I had to go buy a putter and I played without a driver for a year.

  4. Bottom line question is whether these PLAY significantly different than, say, a $1,000 set? Nothing said here suggested that how they play is any different – just finish, some features, and maybe longevity. Is this correct?

  5. Thank you so much for your video. I was so confused and stressed out to look for starter set. I did research and read Strata is one of the best starter set. So, I bought a complete set! It makes sense not spending tons of money for a fancy expensive golf clubs while I am learning to play! Thank you again for your video!

  6. My starter set was a Arnold Palmer set. I miss those clubs because the face of the irons felt like the size of a hand compared to my new set. So much more forgiving!!!!

  7. My kid just started playing and gotta set like these on sale for $300. I had only played 1 year my senior year of high school and he wanted me to play with him, so I went to Goodwill and picked a used golf bag in town. Out and playing again for $50, with two drivers, P and S wedges, a full set of irons (a little mismatched), and a putter. Picked some cheap balls and tees, but pretty much live off the balls I find looking for mine because see above. Is a good time, fun, and not that expensive. Still looking for a 1 iron though…used to hit my grandfather’s a mile where I wanted. Actual drivers, still cannot correct the distance…

  8. i just started to learn how to swing yesterday from the driving range. the next day i bought a club from the thrift store. do you recommend the thrift store for the beginners?, also what kind of club should i get if im just going to the driving range, and do you thik i should get a set or just a one or two club if im just going to the range?. sorry for many qustions im just really intrested and i wanna get in to playing golf :).

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