Don’t Buy The Wrong One! | Fairway Wood v Hybrid v Driving Iron

Don’t Buy The Wrong One! | Fairway Wood v Hybrid v Driving Iron

Matt Fryer Golf looks at the differences between fairway woods, hybrids and driving irons, to help you choose the right golf club for your golf swing

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18 thoughts on “Don’t Buy The Wrong One! | Fairway Wood v Hybrid v Driving Iron

  1. I bought all 3 because I have problems keeping money and I like shiny new things. ????????????

    In all seriousness though I love them all. The 3 wood is permanent but I rotate between the 3 iron and 3 hybrid depending on where my game is at the moment and what the course I'm playing that day calls for.

  2. This is the best video actually explaining the differences between a iron, hybrid, and wood that i've found so far! Thank you!

  3. I don’t use any irons ????????????
    My own logic, to simplify the choice even more :
    – if on the fairway, I use a FAIRWAY wood (it’s all in the name, isn’t it ? ????)
    – if in the rough, it’s a hybrid for me (It used to be all in the name, if I’m not mistaken. Weren’t they originally called RESCUE clubs ?)

  4. Awesome. I currently play 3 wood and 18 degree iron. Both plate predominantly off the tee as my driver ball speed is around 175-180. I have been thinking of replacing the driving iron with 7w simply for control. Hybrid might now be an option but sounds like I need to pay for a fitting.

  5. 1 minute in and…. im cynical but,…… guessing between srixon or Mizuno the Mizuno wins. Co's its all over your shirt, hat, and ???

  6. Can't hit a long iron to save my life (or game) trying to get the proper technique for a 3 and 5 wood..I must be one of the few that takes a divot with a wood.. and I mean a divot ???? oh to ping the ball off the ground!!

  7. I got rid of my fairway woods and replace them with a 2 and 4 hybrd. Lost a little distance off the tee from the 2 hybrid and 3 wood but not enough to make up for the versitility of the 2 hybrid.

  8. I use a 3 driving iron so I can take large chunks out of the ground and have my ball go a very manageable 30 yards. Works really well!

  9. Thanks Matt. This video is exactly what I needed and I’m very glad you were hitting srixon woods and hybrid. This video helped my purchase in the 18-20 degree Srixon club.

  10. Since the 5 wood has by far the longest shaft that's the hardest to hit in the middle (but most forgiving)… much easier to make center contact on a shorter club… no easy answers, just tradeoffs.

  11. Thank you, Matt! Great video. I have a 3i (U-500) that I sometimes change for a 7w (F9), but I tend to use the 3i off the tee a lot at my home course because the fairways are very tree lined and with a lot of short par fours — I tend to use driver sparingly unless I am really hitting it well. Good points about rough as I do put the 7w in the bag when I play different courses where I know I will not be hitting 3i off the tee (can always go 4i with a little loss of distance) and I might need a longer club out of the rough (the 7w with the rails is awesome there) or for longer shots into par fives. I am lucky to be young enough where swing speed is not an issue, but I hope to be a senior golfer with many fairway woods in the bag one day!

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