GOLF: Completely Eliminate Your Slide With These Two Feels

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Completely Eliminate Your Slide With These Two Feels

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Some of you guys have been trying to fix a slide or get rid of a slide forever and haven't been able to do it. I feel your pain. I've tried nine million things. There are other drills that work, but in terms of using your body motions, there are two feels that I've found and work really well. There's one feel for the right side of the body and one field for the left side.

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Let's talk about the right side feel first. When I'm making my down swing, what I really liked to have a sensation of his right-side bend, which just is me doing a right-side crunch. The distance between my hip and my shoulder will get smaller. having a little bit of right-side crunch makes it easiesr to do the next part.

If I have a slide and my left hip normally goes too far forward without turning and I always tell you guys you need to feel the opposite of what you currently do, what would make sense to feel in terms of your left hip? More back would be the opposite. On the left side I want to have the sensation that my left hip is going back behind me (that would be rotation) and that I’m working down and behind me. When I work down and increase the bend in my leg it’s easier to use the ground and rotate.

Combining these two feels is the only thing I've done that really fixes my lateral motion permanently. I'm crunching my right side in and as I'm doing that my left hip is going low and around. And when I do those two pieces, it puts me in a position that creates all of the other stuff that we've talked about automatically – My left leg is automatically externally rotated. I'm on my heel and outside automatically, my pressure in my right foot and my right leg are exactly where I want them to be automatically.

If you do these correctly, you won't slide. You can do them separate or put them together. It's perfectly fine. The reality is if your left hip goes down and around, okay, you can't go up and forward

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Eric Cogorno Golf says:


When I'm doing my RIGHT SIDE BEND (right shoulder down, right hip up)….my left hip DOES NOT move forward and up….and my left shoulder doesnt move up all that much either

If you stood straight up tilted yourself to the right, notice how your left hip goes FORWARD…..we DO NOT want that…that is TILT….we want side bend…

Minor difference, but important and I failed to mention that in video

Andy Mutch says:

Hi Eric
Love your videos. Looking to buy Live View but saw one review saying that slow mo images were blurred because it only records 20 frames per second. Is this still the case.

Marc Chitryn says:

This is the just what I need thanks. That early extension is my weakness I tend to loop inside at the top to stop it pulling left because I lack this sort of rotation ??? thanks

Monika Lindblom says:

Please please can you show this from behind! It would clear things up! 🙂

Tyron Rees says:

Best golf coach on YouTube!

Robert Mayer says:

Eric.Really like your new intro music and graphics.
Another top notch video.

Laser Electric Golf says:

Fantastic information Eric. Thank you. Always improving.

Harold Pohoresky says:

Brilliant! Thank you

Dollar Bill Clinton says:

Getting close to spring,,,,told you I wanted to check with you on a lesson ? ,,,,,,!

Mark Doran says:

Top instruction, thanks Eric ?

Richard L says:

Hi Eric
This looks excellent
When i set up driver i feel with the extra sde tilt (to assist with hitting up ) it would be impossible to get the Lhip back and DOWN.Would it be correct that with driver you should just try and feel that the Lhip goes back only?

Stef Andrews says:

Eric – Check GG Swing Tips. He has a video with a person pulling the left knee back during the swing to fix the slide. Interesting concept

Anthony Campagna says:

Looks like your coming into it with level hips. Sound about right?

DoCoMo661 says:

Audio is really really faint got my iPad Pro turned up to max volume and can hardly hear some parts

randy underwood says:

thx eric, this is santino from f-book.

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