Golf Course Lesson Thurlestone Golf Club

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Golf Course Lesson Thurlestone Golf Club with Mark Crossfield and James Dimond. PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield talks more stunning golf Devon links this time at the amazing Thurlestone Golf Club in Devon. Other wise know as the Pebble Beach of Devon watch as the boys play around this amzing coast line hitting drivers tee shots and irons as they try to make pars and birdies. The playing lesson series is all about helping you see what better players do on the golf course and how they see and try to play their golf shots.


SquaidsGaming says:

i would have subscribed but please dont take this the wrong way only as
positive criticism, you seem to be being a bit of a dick to the other guy,
and it gets quite annoying, 

Wes Ferrin says:

Great looking course!

The NONO says:

Great video as usual Mark

TREXgameplay says:

Sitting on the the dock of says mark it’s sitting on the dock of the bay
watching my time rolling away ohh sitting on the dock of the bay wasting

TREXgameplay says:

Mark one thing , when you talk no one rushes you but when james or Kevin
speaks you say go on then and always rush them

Mark Crossfield says:

New on course vlog at the amazing Thurlestone Golf Club

Zach Harney says:

LOVE the links course vlogs, I’ve always preferred those kind of courses.
Could you talk a bit more about shot shape while you do them?

Doobinz TM says:

I believe they are currently in a drought

funk44 says:

course looks an absolute treat

neova2 says:

Is that a TV test pattern or your golf shirt mark?

Harry Flower Golf says:

Loving Marks shirt ha !

Diego Diaz says:

You can’t get serious with that jumper !!!!

joel rea says:

What is in James golf bag

Sushbag says:

Loving the practical golf course lesson videos. It’s reassuring watching
guys who are better than I’ll ever be still making the odd mistake!

lmartise says:

Love watching the playing lessons from St. Louis, MO

Jeff N. says:

Great video Mark…keep them coming

Simon Hjelm says:

Thanks mate!

HeidisBrother says:

Different parts of the world have different climates and seasons.

rm85guy says:

Why do you play of the laid idea

doublet91 says:

We are gonna need some ProTracer for these videos!!

Peter D says:

These are wonderful.

Tyler Winston says:

I think those were fj that he had on there

NLPrometheus says:

ok 9-iron for a 40 yard bunker shot. This is why I watch these video’s!
keep it up!

Edaddy916 says:

those in between yardages on bunker approach shots are the hardest in
golf!! i need help

Joseph Stanski says:

These are great videos – love the homeiness of the whole expierence –
please don’t change anything. GREAT as is.

T.J. Crenshaw says:

7:48 looks like Tiger Woods finish to me.

cttshredder says:

I love how you listen to feed back mark. Loving these course vlogs

Khairul Aiman says:


W. Jones says:

I caught the Otis Redding reference there at 0:53. That is a good song.

victor pasten says:

That shirt almost made me unsubscribe, but your vids have helped too much
to do so!!! Love your work mate.

TheTrollo43 says:

Love these videos! Please make more!

slenky2124 says:

that shirt though..

Brady Jones says:

What kind of shoes are you wearing Mark? Love the videos. Thanks

Joseph Herren says:

Love the videos Mark….that shirt is something else….and I’m afraid that
“something” is not good. Buyshirtsnow dawt cawm

mrdrtaylor1025 says:

looks like timmy mallet !

Mububban23 says:

Do not adjust your set. This is Mark’s actual shirt 😀

darren deehan says:

hi mark have you made a video on links course Royal portrush northern

chrislindley85 says:

My eyes my eyes!

Nathan Ebeling says:

Is it me or does it look like the distances are longer than they should?

japanesebatman .Detailed Kicks says:

you guys should hire a professional filmer!

n0rpp4 says:

He’s just trolling some idiots on youtube.

maxpf says:

awesome shirt and video!

Nicho2177 says:

Nice looking course

edw45d says:

woah what an amazing view.

splintair says:

1st hole perfect example of a short not neccesarely giving up easy birdies!

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