Stop coming Over the Top & Get In the Slot: Downswing Golf Lesson by Herman Williams

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In this online golf lesson, Herman Williams, PGA Professional in North Carolina, explains how to stop coming “over the top” in golf downswing. Watch and get Hermanized as he defines coming “over the top” and then explains what it means to be “in the slot.” Herman reveals how players get caught outside the swing plane (over the top) on the golf downswing, then shows how to fix it while following along with one of his actual students taking a lesson. Hint: the secret is all about the “bump” and where you point the butt of the club in downswing. Be sure to leave a comment with suggestions for future videos.

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Golf setup video:

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Jason Zucker says:

I have taken 50 golf lessons with 5 different instructors, played 75 rounds
of golf and spent countless hours at the range over the last 14 months. I
was convinced it was physically impossible for me to swing in the slot
because i have tried EVERYTHING and still came over the top. Your one tip
of “aiming the butt of the club to first base on the downswing” changed
everything from my very first swing. I am in shock and disbelief. You owe
it to yourself to re-do this video in higher quality. Seriously, thank you
so much, i think you may have finally helped me.

Steve Pete says:

I have been using a weak grip as a band aid for the last two years to avoid
hooking everything. I had a very loopy action— steep backswing and I
shallowed it out with a big left hip clearing move without much lateral. I
could actually hit it pretty well like this, as ugly as it looked. But
since changing my backswing to be more orthodox, flatter and more on plane
this hip rotation move wasn’t working. Thanks to the hip bump I can
actually use a neutral grip and hit a very playable draw instead of an
unplayable duck hook. Works well with the fairway wood and driver. Not
having as much luck with the short and mid irons while hip bumping. I’ll
have to keep practicing it. 

George Steen says:

thank you game saver ! 

Ira Shoff says:

Here’s a twist Herman. No negative intended. When Hogan introduced starting
downswing with the hips, he also recommended ‘restricting’ hip turn on the
backswing. Is it possible too much backswing hip turn leads to overtop

bugman24 says:

Best video I have seen on my ott problem! I can feel it now but I was just
guessing before. Awesome

D Ward says:

Herman, this is a great explanation and hopefully a fix for me. The good
news is that my pulls are mostly straight, so at least I have my face
right. I was going to play tomorrow, but I will probably head towards the
range to try to work this fix in. Normally, it takes 2 – 3 range sessions
to ingrain something for me. Thanks

silliwilli007 says:

Easy way to turn pull slicers into block slicers. 

LilFinga says:

the table analogy changed my swing from OTT to inside after the first few
swings. NO EXAGGERATIONS AT ALL. after all the “let the club fall behind
you”, “drop it into the slot”, “feel like the clubhead is running down your
back”. none of them helped. been strugglng for 2 years now. Thank you so
much. I was hitting pull draws. now i can aim straight and hit push draws!
Thank you so much.

moreme40 says:

I bet that I’m a worse slicer than Kevin ever was. I will give this drill a

azjim321 says:

I think this is the swing key I have been searching for a very long time. I
really like the point the grip to the right in the downswing. It feels easy
to do and I like how it looks in the mirror doing some swings. I look
forward to trying this hitting balls.

Ball Striker says:

Great advice, super.

Sebastian Litchfield says:


maxxsee says:

Wow, nice, Really nice. Will try this this summer and hopefully stop
casting and hit further. Really like the imagery aswell, pure nlp right

Jason Reed says:

Important point made here that I missed and has been a big part of my
problem. Bump, drop and NO SPINNING. I finally realized I kept getting
stuck because I didn’t give my arms time to drop in front of my body. This
would cause them to slam into my side and force an early release. Thanks
again Herman! Also, just putting a future request out there for any videos
on ways to get your body in position to avoid getting stuck, being 6’5″ it
definitely takes a lot effort to get those arms in front.

eddie brown says:

Making swing changes are not easy if you have played a few years. You have
muscle memory in your swing and your body will not change overnight.
Especially ON the course when the pressure is on. You will revert back to
old habits. It’s a very frustrating game.

George Steen says:

this works !!!! thank you

dearmarc says:

Great tip; I already consider myself semi-Hermanized. I’m a 14-handicapper
who has struggled with an over-the-top swing. I found your tips and visual
clues, especially as demonstrated with your student’s swing, very helpful.
A quick question: On the range, what do you suggest as the best way of
practicing and ingraining this feel? Half- and three-quarters swings?
Slow-motion swings? The tip has worked well on the range, but the swing
thought: bump the lead hip toward the target, drop the club to the
tabletop, and point the butthead of the grip toward first base can be
overwhelming on the course. What’s your best advice on ingraining this
move? Thanks. 

John Landy says:

Herman…your explanation is confusing (lay the club on the coffee
table???). Why dont you just tell students to drop their right shoulder at
the start of the downswing?

Tony Curcio says:

I met a guy today at the driving range who told me about you. Then I met
another guy who was telling me about coming down on the ball. I said, “that
is what I am doing”. My swing comes in from the outside at the bottom of my
swing so I know I am not hitting the ball straight. I just watched this
video and applied what you showed. And what a huge difference already.
Getting that dollar bill line now. Thanks! Looking forward to watching more
of your videos.

John T says:

Hi Herman, When I try to drop the club in the slot, I have a tendency to
hit behind the ball, sometimes even 4 inches or more behind the ball. I
don’t feel like I am throwing the club, but once i get in the slot I think
my hands may become very active and it feels like I might be thrusting the
club with my right hand. I do get me weight shift over to my left side, but
somehow I still bottom out very early. I also tend to pull hook the ball.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Uriel Ortega says:

Thanks for the tip Herman I will try this next time at practice!

Herman Williams Golf says:

I’m putting it on the to-do list. Thanks.

crd31000 says:

Mr Herminized lol…… nice to see your videos again (2010 tigers return)
Well i have wondered what the “slot” is this is great. Could you do
something about the audio on all this….. very inconsistant,first part and
near the end is so loud, I almost have to turn the volume down:(

golfnff says:

Well done. Good explanation!

William Bush says:

Herman, would you mind talking about the setup and motion for the “Power
Fade” that Jack and Tiger hit so successfully in their careers?

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