Golf Course Lesson With Mark Crossfield Part 3

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Golf Course Lesson With Mark Crossfield Part 3, Mark Crossfield and James Dimond playing at Crediton golf club in Devon talking about how they get around the golf course and what they are thinking when playing certain golf shots.

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Gino Lopriore says:

More discussion and analysis please.

sigtausteve says:

that tree in the middle of the par 5 is beautiful!

TREXgameplay says:

It’s a nike vrs your mum

TREXgameplay says:

Gorilla james what handicap are you ?

TREXgameplay says:

Mark your such an arrogant tit

Mark Crossfield says:

Crediton Golf Club in Devon. Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru plays some holes
in this golf video. 

Dominic Edwards says:

Mark I recently had an interest in the scotty Cameron pp do you think it is
good or not

tomvk77 says:

James actually did the same

W. Jones says:

Great video as usual! Check out my course vlog or some of my swing videos.

Tom Edwards says:

I always have a “fear-ry” over my approach shots !

KrisShaw100 says:

smooth little edit at 3:33 there 😛

Jack Grenon says:

Where is this?

MegaFourtyfour says:

Replace your divots

Haylen311 says:

awesome vid Mark, would be nice to know what your target’s are off the tee,
adjusted for impossible recoveries/trouble etc, what yardage do you aim at
the flag or just at the green etc

iClassicLake says:

a left handed one

Chris Halford says:

Really taken this channel to a new level with these vids mark

Jean-Marie Salmacis says:


daghetnie says:

Hi Mark. As an absolute beginner, I love these video’s. Fantastic golf
course as well.

Kenneth Meldgaard Larsen says:

Thanks. Great!

CoastaMonsta says:

By the way I’m in my mothers womb, and I hit my lob wedge 500 yds carry on
an off day. I also can putt the ball in the hole from 300 ft with my eyes
closed 11 out of 10 times.

fenderstrat585 says:

Anyone know what woods Mark is using?

Ollie Morton says:

are you playing with JPX-825 Pro’s?

Noah Walker says:

how do you like your drone???? I love mine. amazing off the face

HeidisBrother says:

LOVE these course lessons!!! Great channel.

LilStewyMan says:

love these course videos mark very entertaining ^.^

TheTraumaFactor says:

More course action!!!!

Jack Richardson says:

Like the course videos!

DrewF82 says:

Love watching you guys on the course. Keep posting these vids!!!

DeFusionUK says:

Great to see you playing, instead if being in your little room 😉

dude not so perfect says:

Please do more!

Lugzeh says:

Why wood you hit 3 wood when it leaves you a 50yrd shot 3rd shot? James
played the hole much smarter…

xxwrightyxx1 says:

great videos , keep them coming !

Mike Bowers says:

You breathe loudly

Christian V Petersen says:

Love the on course videos!

Johnthegolferboy says:

James has the same shoes as me

David Wadhams says:

I know when I play with a friends I am just sooooo polite to them the whole
time. Haters gonna hate and Crossfield gonna Crossfield.

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