The Worst Golf Shots Ever

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The Worst Golf Shots Ever “Maybe” AskGolfGuru with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza, Matthew Lockey James Wiltshire, James Dimond and Rory from YourGolfTravel. Here are some of the worst golf drivers, tee shots, irons, chips and putts from the team. Enjoy your sport and your game with Mark Crossfield's easy to follow golf tips, drill, reviews and fun golf videos.

37 thoughts on “The Worst Golf Shots Ever

  1. I could easily do 50x worse , and i do. I watch all your videos and for the
    last few months i’ve been golfing almost 3 times a week, and no matter what
    i do, i always slice the ball or hit it at the top. I try to remember all
    your tricks , but for reasons unknown, it’s always going wrong. I remember
    as a kid i was making shots a lot better then i am now at 32 years old. 

  2. i am dedicating this video to my good friend +Barry Marks DC . I think this
    is how it would look if we played golf together. but we would be laughing
    alot and have alot of fun.

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