The Worst Golf Shots Ever

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The Worst Golf Shots Ever “Maybe” AskGolfGuru with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza, Matthew Lockey James Wiltshire, James Dimond and Rory from YourGolfTravel. Here are some of the worst golf drivers, tee shots, irons, chips and putts from the team. Enjoy your sport and your game with Mark Crossfield's easy to follow golf tips, drill, reviews and fun golf videos.

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Mark Crossfield says:

The Worst Golf Shots Ever “Maybe” AskGolfGuru:

Mark Crossfield says:

The Worst Golf Shots Ever “Maybe” AskGolfGuru:

Mark Crossfield says:

The Worst Golf Shots Ever “Maybe” AskGolfGuru:

PantsofVance says:

Lol that was a terrible day for Buzz

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Love it! Nice to see you guys having fun, even when you hit a bad shot. If
only more people could do that when they hit bad shots…

Nguyen Hoang says:

It’s a 5:48 video and it’s 5:48 PM now in my timezone. Just need to put it
up here haha

Johan Klarin says:

Pure comedy gold. +Coach Lockey portugal 4 putt is still my favorite. 

StankPunatra says:

“Oh that’s a divot” lol locky
Hey what ever happened to fitness James diamond????

Niclas Janus says:

Which courses are in the video?

Hector Male says:

Nothing can beat Buzza’s effort; hitting your own foot requires real talent

Nic Rep says:

Lockey’s reaction after hitting it into the apartments is priceless. “I
think I better hit a provisional”

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

at 1:25, does he hit the range tractor or what?

Catorce says:

Huh, no 1080P footage Mark? I thought it was still processing but coming
back to it an hour after you posted it, it’s still on 720P maximum. 

Dan Mowry says:

Haha – you guys sound like you have a ton of fun!

DjTak3On3 says:

the deceleration on Buzza’s duffed chip shot require serious skill I kid
you not!

Henry Liu says:

i like how the worst shots video is longer than the best shots one

Blazea58 says:

I could easily do 50x worse , and i do. I watch all your videos and for the
last few months i’ve been golfing almost 3 times a week, and no matter what
i do, i always slice the ball or hit it at the top. I try to remember all
your tricks , but for reasons unknown, it’s always going wrong. I remember
as a kid i was making shots a lot better then i am now at 32 years old. 

Gino Lopriore says:

Good stuff guys.

VlogifyTrey says:


Wouter Vervloet says:

The Buzz & Blockey Show… I’d watch that!

tinytim progolf says:

4:54 is so sick. if you are lil longer, you might hit it to the poolparty?

Austin Bauerle says:

This is like watching a collection of the majority of my short game golf
shots haha

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

How did #Blockey hit his ball into the apartments on the LEFT ?

Gary Sherwin says:

How golf should be, brilliant stuff (the laughter I mean, not the shots,

Thobias Lindqvist says:

i am dedicating this video to my good friend +Barry Marks DC . I think this
is how it would look if we played golf together. but we would be laughing
alot and have alot of fun.

Grazzhopper666 says:

This just made me feel little bit better about my game 🙂 haha, thanks

Average Mark says:

Great video! At least they can laugh when it all goes wrong!!! :P

Harro Graham says:

Great video, this makes me feel better about how I played today!.

Jack Molitor says:

This videos over two minutes longer than the best shots.

9MattDuchene says:

Rory could have his own video on this

Michael Ruppel says:

when lockey hit that tractor I was in tears.

David Eaton says:

Sooooo funny thanks guys

Guy Wood says:

Buzza’s meltdown was awesome

seume says:

That poor guy in the blue shirt lol

Ian Wallace says:

There’s no maybe about it LOL

124baseballboy says:

You should do these annually

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