[GOLF DRIVER] 3 Common Setup Faults With Your Driver!

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Jeff Stern says:

Besides ignoring the fundamental elements of a sound setup, the most violated segment of a swing with a driver is Overswing. Swinging this club far beyond your ability to control it usually ends with really bad results. Simply ask which is better from the tee – the ball ending 15 yards short of your intended target or 15 yards offline from the fairway.

lovetogolf says:

Adam What do you recommend for myself..I'm a athlete and having a rough time for 30 plus years now at bogey golf or an occasional 40, 41 etc etc I can Drive it down the middle and have a
clear as day to the green..150, 130, 125, 80 ,90 etc etc..I turn pars or even birdies into Dbogeys..I love the game, and want to shoot better scores..I'm very serious also..Please guide me to success
I like your teaching it's spot on..Thank You Steve

lovetogolf says:

Excellent lesson that is so Important A true teacher!!!

Lawdog says:

Another Great Video and Excellent Instruction! Thanks Adam! ?

slicksr says:

Best teacher on youtube!!

meena v m says:

Thanks beautiful advice ⛳?⛳?

Randy Mahony says:

Love these videos.

Sean Liver says:

I just got back into Golf after a 10 or 11 yr layoff this past summer (27 yr old). So I played this past spring summer and fall with a fade or slice. Just recently did I consult a pro an set up a couple lessons on Top Tracer. The 2 biggest things now that he's pointed them out is club path and face angle. Seems that him just explaining the shallowing club angle has dramatically improved my strike and minimized my miss. Seems to be the 2 biggest things plaguing us mid high handicaps.

Neon City Golf says:

Always love your tips. Liked and subscribed!

Jack Johnson says:

No better swing than yours

Cenz Gullo says:

I find your videos extremely helpful considering I am a recent devotee of this great game!
You explain the mechanical aspects with a beautiful simplicity. Thank you.

Ben Sulka says:

Thanks for another great video Adam. Love the content.

Asmara ZT says:

What else can I do apart from giving my thumbs up?

Anthony Kunkel says:

Excellent tips and advice.

SpAsM AE says:

This is the kind of video I enjoy watching. Some simple tips that make me think about posture and simple ideas that help me work them out. I remember the video where you spoke about hitting a driver like a tennis top spin ball which clicked for me a few weeks ago on the course. Sometimes the learning from these videos takes a while, but it can really help, so thank you for that.

Edward Brown says:

Great video Adam..
The problem I seem to have is at the top of the back swing then dropping the club to get lag….please help..thanks

John Koval says:

I like these videos that focus on specific elements of a swing as well as the videos that cover the fundamentals.

RT Drag Racing says:

I dip down with my upper body and knees when I make my swing. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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