Golf Driver Side Bend Drill #shorts

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Do this drill to get an exaggerated feeling.

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DB says:

Lose the tee and off the deck like real golfers. This is convoluted tips which will ruin people's swing. Are you a certified golf instructor or just a diy influencer trying to act like a certified instructor.😂

B Rossi says:

I COMPRESS the ball by hitting down on it, 64 up to 6 iron. 6, 5 I got even, from there launch angle is increased up to driver, where I do get way up on launch

thegreatwebstar says:

With driver only… clarified x 1000 … thanx

TheSweetloudo1 says:

This is the exact idea behind the single plane swing…I've been using it just this season and have never hit the ball straighter or farther. Easy concept to

Brayden Boyko says:

Just do the hip bump and that will automatically give you the side bend

Will Patterson Golf says:

You, do realize playing the ball to the front of the stance with driver, like you SHOULD, provides ample tilt to hit up on the ball? All you’re doing if you do this is adding unnecessary tension. And tension KILLS good golf.

Boston Nate says:

Don’t hit down on the ball with a driver

Amrut Dabade says:

My golf coach said that tour players actually have a -1 degree angle of attack on drivers. Not sure which one is right..

GLF_ReDzz says:

Thats how I normally swing my driver is that good 😅

TeddyCavachon says:

What he is doing here when setting up is just EXAGGERATING the side bend action needed in the downswing to drop the trail shoulder down towards the hip instead of throwing forward at the target. It is part of a overall strategy which allows the club head of the Driver to release around the hands which allows it to accelerate and increase striking force exponentially.

Look at a photo of any tour pro taken from behind at the moment of impact / ball releasing off the face and you will see they have side bend. The side bending starts at the point of the downswing when hips have reached 45° open but back heel is still grounded, shoulders have returned to parallel, hands have dropped below the waist and club shaft having reached horizontal is free to whip down around the hands. He’s starting from that point in this video, going up to the top then back down.

It is something you need to actually try to understand how and why it works.

Adam Rasmussen says:

This guy gets paid to give terrible golf advice

Not Shadd says:

Ummmmm you’ll push the ball a mile to the right if you do that buddy🤦‍♂️😮‍💨

Steve Hutton says:

Lmao what a terrible golf tip my lord

Matt McLaughlin says:

That’s a recipe for hitting the ground first.

Jd Wond says:

If I did that, I would send the ball into the left stratosphere!😮

PackerNation!!! says:

So what am i suppose to do with my left shoulder after that..Am i pulling it back or up? Another confusing situation in golf😫

Broc Bellmore says:

Moe Norman.

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