Maximise Performance: Golf Training Aid for Consistent Results

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WOW!! I understand it better now. The creator gave me clarity on how the GEM and the body work together to give you the perfect golf swing. The golf swing that all Tour Professionals feel from golf's hottest training aid. The Gem golf training aid.

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Michael Dercole says:

Can’t stop it from wobbling on downswing, help

alex dimasi says:

I’ve had this for 4 hours. Ruched to the course. Flushed some amazing irons couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait to try it again tomorrow. Thanks for the level of detail that you have gone through receiving this product

Bob Butcher says:

Thank you very much Steve. Waiting eagerly waiting for my GEM to arrive!

Andrew Russell says:

Hi Steve, Hope you can help ? I’m a 7 handicap golfer that played a draw and had a nice fade in my locker when needed. I purchased a gem in January after watching your videos for a few years and used it at home as a winter drill to keep my warm. I didn’t get a wobble and found it nice and easy to use felt really good. I’ve now started the season and I’m struggling to keep my score under 100 it’s horrendous across my bag ? Pull everything ? Straight left divot left ? All matching I can’t hit a draw and can’t hit a fade at all ? If I aim right I tend to pull to target or pull hook games a mess tbh any suggestions ? I notice everyone on YouTube looks to swing left and steep with this gem looks slightly over the top ? Like I say when I swing with it on feels nice gets my club head speed up ? Zero wobble so feel I’m doing what it wants ? But I go left ? Weak grip strong grip doesn’t matter can’t stop it going left ?

Joe Aquaro says:

This thing has me way over drawing the ball. Any recommendations. I don’t feel like I’m stopping my turn thu. It’s left and turning left.

jim lock says:

I bought mine ages ago after see it on here after a few times I threw it into my golf locker., I’ve got it back out and still get the wobble., I need a lesson with it

Peter Ross says:

Does the gem fit onto most golf grips

mang313 says:

Awesome! Tnx for the left hand demo. I am totally new to golf, waiting for clubs to be delivered. I think I may get this

Andrew Drummond says:

Personally I think the GEM is very good, but I strongly disagree with the way you/they suggest to use it. with the toe vertical/GEM pointing downwards on either side of the swing. I had some lessons in the early 80's from a PGA pro that had these same ideas of club position and bitterly regretted it – unless you have a pro level transition (and most amateurs have a really bad transition) then the club face is only ever square for a very small amount of time. I am using the GEM more in manner that the guy on the Be Better Golf channel is using it, to encourage a more rotational swing that keeps the club face open for longer and it is working really well, helping to feel how to use left and right sidebend to help shallow the club during the transition rather than go OTT.

Al Hand says:

Wish I’d watched this video this morning was definitely swinging to fast with long rod today. All over the place, try again tomorrow.

Mark Maioli says:

Steve thanks for the additional info on the GEM. I bought one after previous videos of yours and can feel the difference in my swing from using it.
Perfect timing on this vid – it felt good on slow to medium speed swings but not faster ones with the long rod. I'll incorporate the middle rod too now. 👍
fyi, I'm a 9.5 hcp and can't wait for the snow to melt to begin seeing some real ball results.

Crispy Duck says:

I’ve got a very strong grip and would never change this – this just isn’t doing anything for me at all – be interesting to know if you need a perfectly neutral grip for this to work properly

Paul Doffman says:

Great Video. I purchased the GEM and I get a wobble. Thanks for explaining it.

Allen Woods says:

The GEM is really good. I got one a month ago and it has improved my ball striking

Kevin Vanic says:

Mine was delivered today.

Simon H says:

I have place an order after watching this last night so i can use it at home before going to the course or range. Was great to see how your progressing with playing left handed. I am left handed and i am not aware of any teacher on Youtube that is for left handed golfers.

hakirk1 says:

Great video and explanation of the two rods. How often and how long would you make your gem practice sessions.

Steven Zunich says:

love your videos…getting back into the game after 15 years away (4 kids, they're mostly grown now)…going to get the gem based on this recommendation…in the late '90s early 2000s, i was a club fitter (not a PGA pro) who fit over 2000 golfers and i have observed one thing about your left-handed swing…maybe you don't feel it but your left shoulder seems too far forward at address, rather than shoulders being square to target and it seems from the swings i've seen that you're coming across the ball a little from the outside as a lefty…recommending your video on Hogan's elbows in to hips to partially correct…give it a go! thanks! you've changed my game with your canes, specifically the video where you show Hogan's swing and have the three canes down…something like "Simple Swing" is in the title? cheers!!!

jay Schultz says:

Thanks for covering the GEM. I always feel a wobble, guess I know why now. Doesn’t surprise me that I out of sink with my body and my arms.

Dave says:

Really good further explanation on the GEM. Thanks. I’ve done a range session with mine after working with it at home for a week. As a 20 HC I think it’s genius and fixes so many problems. After playing golf for 20 years it was the first time I had an understanding and a feeling of how a decent golf shot should feel.

Mark Cash says:

Hi Steve. Just bought the GEM after watching your last video on it and hopefully receiving it soon. I used the idea of the release from the gem videos the last time at the range and was hitting the ball better than I have in years. If the actual GEM can show me the correct release then I can't wait to see the results. Cheers 👍

p willy says:

I’ve used the gem 2 range sessions and am hitting the ball a lot crisper and straighter. Still manage to hit bad shots but nowhere near as many as I was.

Ulster says:

Would love to see if this helps with chipping on your left handed swing. Thanks.

Benjamin Kohn says:

Hi Steve, I brought the gem after your recommendation, and I find it to be a great device to warm up with. However, it seems to encourage a very shallow swing plane, I see it in my swing and the same with yours in this video. The minute the gem comes off your swing gets much steeper, which seems to be the correct based on looking at pro swings. So is the gem teaching the wrong swing plane?

Christopher F. Conklin says:

Awesome Steve!!! YOU are AWESOME!!! Your swing plane is in such GREAT position!!! Please keep doing what your doing!!! Coming across the pond for the PGA show by chance? Would be honored to meet you!! My best to you ALWAYS!! 🌞🏌️⛳🏌️🌞

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