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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA Teacher Of The Year Winner
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
✅ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour





Improve Golf Swing Path:

Rory Mcilroy Swing Analysis:

Jordan Spieth Swing Analysis:


Roger Leadbeter says:

I wanna thank you Adam for your videos. My game has gotten much better by watching and practicing what you teach in your videos, again thank you

MJ Young says:

Will it be breaching a rule if one wrap red electric tape on shaft……..having that as a aid to my setup, pointing were I should place my front toes ball…..distance. Each club having red tape then. As I understand the rules dont alow altering the dynamics of a club/equipment to make it easier. ????.

Darren Mason says:

Adam you say 2 time PGA teacher of the year but the text on the screen says 3 time teacher of the year which is it?

Anduril says:

Hopefully after you’ve hit it you should be further away from it.

Scott Lipe says:

Awesome tips..Struggled with reaching too much. This made me see what I was doing wrong

moreme40 says:

Great video and love the shoes 🙂

Fadel Delgado says:

Thanks a lot Mr. Adam so hepfull. Best regards!!.

Chase Leavitt says:

I love that the structure. By breaking down the ideal, showing a few variations in the PGA, and then offering a drill to help put it all together, I have everything I need to get to work on it (or at least to start). Love the videos!

DocDLH says:

It's interesting that Fred Couples Driver Stance has his arms closer to "impact position" than some other players. It's a bit similar to Bryson D. Experimenting with aligning the ball at address with the driver head just inside the sweet spot might help .. at least at the range while finding the best alignment for a given individual.

Basil Keen says:

John Daily for example. Works for him but…

John says:

Adam. I am so thicc I need to stand two club lengths away when I tee off.

Richie Wash says:

Thank you so much for this lesson. I was having some negative issues with my swing. This helped me work it out. Thanks again.

notafanatic says:

Adam, really fantastic channel. I love your teaching style, it has really helped my game! Thanks!

Erin Brom says:

The "car in the garage" idea and just the visual of hips driving forward before following through with upper body was literally a game changer in my swing as a brand new golfer! How fun for it to snap all together and see the ball driving beautifully straight into the air 😉 Can't wait for next round of golf!

Stephen Perl says:

Excellent videos! Thank you.

Bonham House says:

My drives continue to trail off to the right. Time to change the grip?

Thomas Soue says:

Was told with the driver hands need to be out past the brim of your hat.

ChrisM30 says:

Adam, Thanks for all the pointers, going for a round tomorrow so hopefully try some of these out.

John Krausse says:

Easy to understand and follow. Nice tips to experiment with.?

Mariko Suvoltos says:

Cheap expensive putter

Greg rowell says:

Complicated issues explained plainly and succinctly. Thank you sir, for bringing the fundamentals of golf within my reach.

peter Last says:

best tip is don' t be standing too close to the ball after you've hit it

owhwell says:

Hey Adam, think you are one of the best golf coach on youtube, was wondering if you might swing by somewhere in southeast asia to conduct golf clinic here, give it a thought ya. cheers

B Fuller says:

I always thought I was lined up correctly, bent correctly, ball centered on the clubhead, correct take away, slice. Years of slice, got some stick on club face paper, found that 95% of my strikes were on the toe. realized that I wasn't lifting my head , but was leaning on my toes, when the club was behind my head I just leaned back an inch and toed the ball.

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