Golf drivers the best the worst and the illegal. Coach Lockey goes back through his golf drivers history to see where the gain where or not. The best driver and the worst and the illegal golf drivers of Matts history of golf drivers all compared with numbers to see if he made some good choices for his golf game. Moving from a Progen golf driver, to a Callaway up to a Taylormade golf driver then Callaway driver to a Titleist Driver then up to the current day Mavrik golf driver. See what his thought of the looks, the feel and if he feels he could still play with these golf clubs is such a fun way to see what driver really goes the longest and why.

In the comments below what is your driver history and what was the worst, best and most pointless driver change you ever made?

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  1. If you'd like to know why it seems so many watch, but aren't subbed, it's this. Everyone deals with it and it screws the analytics. A huge chunk of the people that watch YouTube, watch on different devices in their homes, and are too lazy to sign in, or just don't link their account with other devices.
    Those are your subs watching for the most part. Just not always signed in. ????

  2. Mark and Matt, my favorite driver was the Callaway Warbid. Maybe the only driver I could hit off the deck (fairway). Now with a Ping G30, have never even attempted hitting off the deck

  3. Quality video guys you really do work well together and seeing that ft3 doing so well against the mavrik was very surprising. I'm going for a fitting when things get back to normal and really want the mavrick max or standard to perform well in my hands.

  4. Callaway Hawkeye vft, titleist 983k, Nike ignite, ping Si3, callaway FT-5 tour, taylormade rbz stage 2 tour, sldr 430 tp, taylormade M1, titleist 917d3 (current)

  5. The first driver I ever bought was the Cleveland Classic XL Custom (became a subscriber when I watched your review as a matter of fact!), I had an illegal club, the Juggernaut for a bit since I have a back injury, thought it might help, hit my first 300yd drive with that one, after Physical Therapy and a better swing I now have a Mizuno JPX-900. I don't replace clubs often…

  6. Just started a few years ago. Have a basic amazon starter set "Strata Ultimate" — but my dad gave me an old callaway X460, which is 9 degrees where as the driver in my strata set is 12 degrees. Only issue is the X460 has a senior flex so it feels quite a bit whippy for me. I do love the sound it makes though.

  7. I had the FT3 and the 909 D2 too! I also think back to that FT3 regularly because I used to hit absolute bombs with it. Currently playing the 917 D2 and I still think the FT3 might be the longest driver I've ever owned. That driver is 100% the reason I have a soft spot for Callaway to this day. Never owned a single Callaway club besides it.

  8. TaylorMade System 2, Callaway S2H2, Callaway Big Bertha, Mizuno T-Zoid, TaylorMade Ti Bubble 2, Callaway Hawkeye, Callaway Big Bertha Titanium, Ping G2, TaylorMade R7 425, Cleveland Launcher, Cleveland Hi-Bore Xl, Mizuno MP600, TaylorMade R1 Black, Titleist 913, Titlesit 915.

    I thinks that's it….

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