This NEW PING G430 ONE HYBRID is a BEAST (LONG BALLS!)This ONE HYBRID is a BEAST (LONG BALLS!) When buying new golf clubs we often think you need to buy a new driver in order to hit better golf shots, hit better tee shots and generally lower your scores… in this video I take a look at the new PING G430 hybrid.. could this be the perfect driver replacement for high handicap golfers, mid handicap golfers and even low handicap golfers? the Ping G430 Driver, Ping G430 irons and Ping G430 fairway woods have been a huge hit so far.. how will the hybrid stack up? especially with its adjustable loft and extreme power! let's find out… and let's do it now!

22 thoughts on “This NEW PING G430 ONE HYBRID is a BEAST (LONG BALLS!)

  1. I scooped the G425 2hybrid for a steal and it rips stingers ! I've always struggled with a bad slice with my driver but can really stripe my irons for whatever reason haha. I'm feeling great off the tee box now with this thing in my bag

  2. 00:46 | You had it set to 15.5 degrees, not 15. Technically it would be a '1.5 hybrid', as it's between the loft of a one and two hybrid. That's IF your dynamic loft changed at impact based on your setup and swing characteristics etc etc.

  3. Great video. Bought and had to return a Ping G430 4-hybrid because the face was not set correctly into the club head. The face was set in a mm too deep and this created a hard edge above the last groove of the face. Was the face to club head smooth on the hybrid you were testing?

  4. Just started using a Ping G410 3 hybrid with excellent results going same distance as 7 wood but much lower flight. Not sure whether to add a 2 hybrid or whether it would be too low launch for me with just under 80mph club head speed and regular shaft.

  5. Waiting for mine to arrive! bought it for the exact reasons you have mentioned in this video so this is a perfect video for me and has made my decision that much better

  6. I hit the g430 3 hybrid and loved it but £260 ???????? I also liked the new Wilson and maybe the zx mk2 I'm looking at last year's models like the d9 and zx as I can't justify the prices

  7. Are Golfzon going to re-introduce leasing deals again too? Was very close to signing up 2 years ago but didnt and regret it now. £35k is a large investment (by the time you add everything you want) for a home sim

  8. I've started to watch more and more YouTube content. Same as Keith, thanks for putting the work in on daily content rather than resting on adds and sponsors for revenue (as some makers are doing). fingers crossed you get to 500k+ this year

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