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What is THE BEST DRIVER of 2021 2022, in this video Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey take you through what they think are the best golf drivers of 2021/2022. This golf club review talks new tech in the golf clubs, how they perform against each other, how they sound, feel and much more. With a few curve ball golf drivers in the pack, which will be the best golf driver for your golf game. Included in the test is the Ping G425 Max, Taylormade Sim2, Callaway Big Bertha B21, Cobra Radspeed and Srixon ZX5. These golf clubs chosen are Matt and Marks opinion and the manufacturers have no influence on the content. Mark is sponsored by Srixon and Matt sponsored by Callaway, but again the manufacturers have no influence on the content. We hope you enjoy the golf club review and you find the best driver to help you improve your golf driving.

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I still use my old cobra 460sz. Always hits straight and true. Think I’m gonna pick up the new cobra. Cheers

Alien Pixel Gaming says:

Hi Mark, Put Poly Max Extremes on any cheap golf driver and BOOOM!! your driving longer and they are used by pros during practice. Get them on amazon & ebay it's cheaper than buying a new driver.

Andrew Barrass says:

@MarkCrossfield. Any chance you can do a driver shaft comparison? I currently use a Stiff 6.0 63g shaft. But have tested friends lighter shafted drivers but dont find them to go as far. It would be interesting to see how the different shafts effect distance etc in the same head.

Mike Wiggill says:

You should have been playing Srixon against Cobra, not the Taylormade.
A bit of "Brand Loyalty"coming through perhaps?
Why was Titleist not included?

Tony Hauser says:

Why don't you include the PXG line when testing for best drivers, irons, fairwaywoods, and hybrids. Everyone just focuses on the big brand names.

Jack Ryan says:

What happened to " Let's get stuck in " ????????

Pete Major says:

No Mizuno STz or ST G220?

Doug says:

Do these have stock shafts? Cobra has the longest stock shaft in it.

Gustavo Salazar says:

Rad X is a great driver, and comes with a super shaft that you can get on 50 or 60 grm, reg or stift. Hitting 50 yds further!!

john wheeler says:

A game saver for me is my callaway epic 3

Jenno Vices says:

which shaft was Mark using?
was ist the same shaft for all clubs?
could I use my Phenom Stiff shaft with these Driver Heads, I've narrowed my decision down to the Cobra and TaylorMade ..

Nicholas Knotts says:

Working on getting a new driver now, narrowed it down to SIM2, G425 MAX, and TSi3.

Randy Mahony says:

Thirty £s (I hope I'm using the right symbol) or a few more $ wouldn't persuade me. Best results is the bottom line.


All the same really can’t change ££££££££££££

Rocka Boo says:

Tested Sim 2 for all the hype and glory but really not for me. Stick to Cobra or gonna try Callaway Mavrik soon.

David Tomsett says:

Why have you put the same grey dots on each club face?

Marc Schoofs says:

What about the new stg by mizuno ?

M Andrew Curry says:

G425, but I'll buy a Sim2 head just to play around with a bit and resell!

Jared Seals says:

Titleist TS2 with my 917D3 shaft….idk I like it. My first boss driver as a young lad was the King Cobra Ti, with the offset. Greg Norman used to slay it best I remember. First driver I had that was TI and graphite.

super col says:

"bomb balls 2021 2022"

Liam Pucill says:

Mark, why don’t you test PXG woods? They are pretty “cheap” compared to other manufacturers these days.

naturalbeast says:

Zx7 was best for me, st z was 2nd

mart coombs says:

Love the look of the Cobra…..

Mike says:

BOMB BALLS 2021 2022 I too think B21 is underrated — probably the first Callaway driver I've been interested in a long time (that and then the new Epic Max LS).

Bernard Hilton says:

I have got the Cobra. Most of my drives contain a lot of human error but I know I can’t blame the equipment. 👍👍👍

Ray Cann says:

What's to know, Bomb Balls 2021 – 2022 ! with any of these drivers

would certainly be a sweet treat – especially if I had Mark's ball dispersion.

Andrew Osborn says:

"Bomb balls 2021 2022" How about a Titleist in there? Great review!

Dan Corun says:

PXG 0811 X, XF & XT are super drivers and $349 right now.

Zachary Kirkwood says:

Ball Review Request – $18-$29 USD dozens. Bridgestone e6, MaxFli StraightFli, callaway super soft/ Diablo, titleist velocity, Taylor made distance+, MaxFli SoftFli, srixon soft feel, etc…. What to choose on the mid-high handicap budget side

Everyday Golfer says:

G'Day Mark, I'll change my driver when the improvements are more than a few yards/metres in length or offer a huge change in accuracy…..All Good Bruh….Good to back in the Golfing saddle.

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