What is the best driver of 2022? Best Drivers 2022

What is the best driver of 2022?

I’ve got my hands on 19 different models to find out. I put every big stick through their paces, testing them using state of the art TrackMan technology and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls – both on the range and out on the golf course.

I’ve broken this project down to categories. So which driver came out on top. And, perhaps more importantly, which will I be putting in play this season?

First of all, let’s run down the contenders…

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30 thoughts on “What is the best driver of 2022? Best Drivers 2022

  1. Nice video but still I miss sooo much the clubs I was using 30 years ago.
    Ping eye 2 irons and Taylormade burner driver and fairway woods.
    Nothing can compare to how good they felt, sound they made, distance.
    Though all this new technology looks good I should have never replaced them.

  2. My numbers are right about where yours are, Hannah, so I always appreciate your tests. Well, also because they're well done! I got a Rogue ST Max-D head in 9º. It's been very, very good.

    I've done a lot of extremely non-scientific tests where I hit a load of balls off a tee with the Rogue and my old gamer, TM M6 D-Type. At first I thought the Rogue was just going way too high. The flight made me think I was catching them high up the face. But then I realized that even at 9º the ball flight is just quite high compared to the M6. And usually when I see a ball going high like that, it means it's going to be short.

    But when I got up to the Rogue "mishit" shots I would often see them several yards past my good hits with the M6. And with a good swing anywhere near the middle of the face with the Rogue…like, 30 and 40 yards sometimes past the TaylorMade.

    I get new drivers a lot and play them for a while and then sell them or give them to Dad. I like trying out the new stuff. My brother, on the other hand, has been playing the same KZG blades for 23 years, a Ping G5 driver, and TaylorMade 200 series fairway woods. He's hit every driver and club I've had in all those years and the Rogue is the first driver that made him ask, "how much are those?" When I told him he just stared at me blankly and then said, "No, seriously, how much do they cost?"

  3. Hi Hannah the best ?& most comprehensive Driver test this year, With a full description of each model in the range,
    After a week’s testing on the practice ground with a launch monitor trying different models and shaft’s against my Ping G410 Driver I went for the Rogue MaxD 10.5 (set +2) with Tensei Blue R flex shaft, 10yds longer more ball speed consistent flight with soft draw And have been delighted ? with results, scored 73 gross 2shots under my age last week Thanks Dickey 9hcp 75year Senior Golfer

  4. My youngest brother, handicap 6, was thinking about upgrading his Woods and went to a fitter. He could have gained ONE metre for A$995. The fitter told him that this was common because all makers were within a smidgen of legal limits and had been for years. Any comment?

  5. Drier prices are SO up there now a days…I guess I will stick with my Cobra F 9 and matching 3 Wood and shaft…Don't see any reason to up grade with the results I get with the F 9…Thanks for covering all the top brands…

  6. Two things. First on the drivers while technology improvements year to year can only do so much given limits reached, I myself went with the stealth. It is the first driver I have loved, gives me confidence and performs since the m2. Others I have tried or had never did it for me. Regrettably don’t like the sound or looks of the ping. Second, while there is so much time and effort on clubs, not enough is emphasized on how much more important than equipment other aspects are – at least five other components. I would emphasis the mental side of golf, nutrition and fitness for golf, an effective practice system, more complete shot routine – including breathing techniques – and better course planning and management. In my view these aspects will bring significant improvements and enjoyment in anyone’s game given their existing swing, technique or skill level. Of course small tweaks in being fitted better eg ball choice, shaft choice etc will help I believe the gains are relatively marginal compared to investing or spending more effort and focus on the above mentioned dimension. Certainly almost every pro golfer in the pga and lpga would attest to this. I believe the gains for the average or senior golfer would be even greater.

  7. Great review Hannah, I went with the D9 as it was the only one tail end of the year that offered zero adjustment and not ridiculously priced. I don't want to confuse myself into believing "it's the club" either. Bonus that I gained 40yds on my existing MP650, & a similar gain with the 3 wood both tightened up on my dispersion too. Looking forward to a hybrid one as I'll be in the market for one 17°-19° preferably no adjustment as well. Keep up the great reviews ?????

  8. I’m looking at drivers to put in play, I’m 76, slower speed of course, where do I start? I don’t have a place to demo much. I would appreciate some help!

  9. You killed it! Absolute rick star you are! It was a great presentation. Your analogy was spot on and I am sure many of your followers will be very please!. My new driver will be the cobra lxs. Simply can't escape the distance it gives me and love the look. The weight movement gives me more options to play in windy or in calm conditions. Much success to you!!

  10. Nice review Hannah. You'll have to let us know how you make out with that Rogue Driver. I would have opted for the forgiveness of it too. I kind of like last years model the Sim Max 2 myself. Take care now.

  11. Hannah, a great review, i like the simplicity of how you explain the clubs features, im looking to get a cobra but i will try the callaway and titleist.

  12. Hanna, great review!! I went to a Callaway fitting 2 days ago at my local muni and as usual we seem to have similar games and taste, the Rouge Max was 18 yards longer and just as straight as my most fav driver of all time, G400 Max. Ping was avg 220 carry and Rouge avg 238 and tighter dispersion circle too. My best Rouge in 6 shots was 98.1mph, 13.6 launch, 1931 spin, 242carry, 279 total. BUT that was with Riptide 50- R ? That profile seems wrong but #s were good, what say you and what shafts did you like best w Rouge? PS apex dcb w reg elevate was full club longer and more forgiving than my i210s, hmmmm

  13. Hanna great video as usual I have just picked up my new driver and I have put the same club i my bag as you it was the best I tried I have put the rouge st pro irons in the bag to I really like them to it has been really difficult to get clubs this year I would like to get some am 9 wedges to match in with the set have you try out them cheers jj

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