Team TaylorMade LONG DRIVE Contest with SIM2 Driver | TaylorMade Golf

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Nik Lawrence says:

Thanks for switching the camera and removing the yardage so we don't see the result of any shot. Awful!

AppleGuy670 says:

Wolff was like I’m just a kid with a full beard

Stefan Boshoff says:

Poor tiger having to listen to these windbags. Feel for him.

Ben Lack says:

Tell me someone saw the guy who didn’t get the fist bumb from Dustin

Jesse Ison-Bowman says:

Yeah tiger goes first and crushes one dead straight. Mic drop.

xX LucyDrop Xx says:

When they're sitting there talking about highest swing speeds, Tiger stays quiet, but I remember his old caddy saying hes seen Tiger break 200 multiple occasions, yet, he just puts his chapstick on. Real definition of humble beast.

A Heid says:

No stat visuals, cut away from every toptracer tracking, no info provided on what loft ppl r using, or shafy specs.
This was a cool event concept, but poor video production quality that left me disappointed.

john mclochlin says:

I came back to comment the fact that taylormade is going in reverse and should go back to the sim 2 because I watched the stealth none of these numbers were close

Meghan Youngren says:

i love tommy’s “do something unique, matt, for once” 5:07

Yeex3 TV says:

They were talking loud when Tiger tees off

pcdraker says:

GCQuad was definitely normalized (adjusted for wind), like Wolff slipped out. Look at Tiger and Rory laugh right after Matthew said, "is it normalized?" Then Rory said, "yea". Collin asked if he could have it "optimized". Looks to be a 10+ mph head wind. Without adjustment, the carry distances would be 30-40 yards less. Trust me, no one was carrying 350 yards that day, into the wind. Truthfully I think Taylormade was not going to let their new SIM2 seem short. I think they over cooked the wind adjustment by adding 15 mph (tail wind) to GCQuad. I do think the SIM2 and the Cobra LTDx-LS are the farthest drivers out there. I have (carried) both these drivers on my SkyTrak, 325 yard with 180-184 mph ball speed. High launch and low spin is needed for this. HEY Taylormade, am 57 years old and still keeping up with the longest Pro's, well except a couple of others, hitting a different brand. If your looking for a Senior Ambassador for your drivers, let me know. (-: I will try to post some video's soon. The 2016 M1 is still a hard one to beat for distance, although.


What’s the deal with that guys weird twitch before his swing?!

pwarrior1011 says:

Hitting with tiger's club… nice move.

Taylor Lucas says:

almost forgot to watch this today

cause0fk0 says:

4:54 Dustin left my man hanging lol

CJ Schmitt says:

So, we've basically as grown men….gone back to the leggings days of Jester olde!!!! oh boy


You should have got guys that were long. I know a hand full of guys that would make this long drive contest fun and watchable.

Sterling Juarez says:

I can't stand Wolff's voice or comments. BUT. You have to feel for the guy when he has to read off "187, 340" already knowing that he's in third place among them. He's in some rare company here, and outclassed in every way.

Sean Quinn says:

For such an expensive brand they really cheap out on their videos lmao

HK says:

@8:04 Tiger and Rory's reaction to DJ taking a practice swing is hilarious.

Kuda95 M says:

I can watch this all day long

Jeff Seltzer says:

When did Tiger get in his accident? It was before July, right? So when was this made?

Jaymes Cole says:

Funny how the best iron players in this challenge (Tiger, Tommy and Colin) all hit 1 and said that’s good

ed blair says:

We all watch golf. When its taht windy into the face they dont hit it 320 carry. The numbers are rubbish

Nathan ThreeLeaf says:

I knew Wolff was going to talk, so I muted it from the beginning.

Ben Libitka says:

8:04tigers reaction to DJs speed is everything

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