Golf Excuses

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Who's said or heard some of these excuses out on the golf course?! Which is your favorite? I posted over on IGTV and had to share here too!

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Paige Spiranac says:

We had so much fun shooting this one! haha What things that you always hear on the course (or say…) did we miss?

mjlein says:

Great Video Paige! I've used them all, but you missed the most important excuse of them all, "someone must have picked up my ball, because it should have been right here"! 😉

SuperDixxxie says:

HaHa Hilarious

horapa123 says:

I've probably said 90% of these.

Rustic Mill RR says:

"Who puts a cactus right in the middle of the desert?" LOL

E E says:

"That didn't stop, grooves are so dirty…"

RayzTeeZ says:

I hear that bunker excuse all the time "never enough sand" "too much sand". When you dig your feet in you know how much sand there is, adapt lol.

Ian Nicolle says:

Love the vids Paige. Impressed with your partners swing!

Michael Conlan says:

‘ Wind got that one ‘

mythbuster man says:

I can relate to blaming slow pace of play and too much sand/no sand in the bunkers mainly because I’m terrible out of bunkers any excuse will do. I don’t really make any of the he other featured excuses to be fair to me ?

Phillip Gamble says:

how do you fix power in your shots

James Skahill says:

the one time i aim right it doesn't hook it goes straight

StarlitShadows says:

I've said a fair percentage of these. Lol

Me G says:

I miss the video tips. Those are your best videos. ?

Kevin Deagle says:


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