Golf Fitness: Stephen Grant – Swing Fan Drills – GolfGym Academy

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Close Stephen Grant is performing Swing Fan Drills at the GolfGym Academy in Jupiter, Florida. Stephen is preparing for Second Stage Q-School on the European Tour. Stephen is a former Footballer (Soccer Player) for Ireland. He retired from Football to pursue a career as a professional golfer.



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John Browning says:

weak no power, weak golfer swine

jlbundy99 says:

I was wondering what kind of workout you recommend. Reps/set, number of sets, number of workouts/week, etc.

bama1969 says:

That my friend is the original Power Fan…My company , well, I make that product for the company. Power Fan made by Golf Around The World…I make on average 5000 a year ! What is he swinging, I made personally. There are knockoffs, but that is my fan…Hand made by me.

jonny818boy says:

@jjclek75 This model appears to be the A99 Golf Power Swing Fan Training Aid. You can find one on many online retailers.

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