This video is all about the golf swing. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. I only use my rt hand just like all sports I play tennis baseball basketball etc. I have more control may loose a little distance but control for me better

  2. This is the kind of instruction that I've been looking for. What a wonderful source of information you are providing! I do have a question regarding my right hand and the fact that it occasionally comes off the club after impact. I've never worried about it, even though it sometimes happens several times in a round, because I always hit good shots when this happens. It may be my body's way of protecting my right hand from arthritis pain. I've never played with anyone else who has these one-handed finishes. I'd be interested in any comments.

  3. Thank you Russell. I am working on this at the moment. Hard for me to retain the sharp wrist angles. Is there another way for those with little wrist mobility

  4. I will say it again…great video! I learn from almost every one of your presentations. I knew the front wristcock with back wrist extension worked better for ball strike when I used it to chip but didn't know why. Now when I do the Bucket drill I know to maintain wristcock/wrist extension to move inside the bucket and maintain my swing plane. I was always told to JUST SWING INSIDE the bucket!! Love the details. Thanks Russell.

  5. That top view of the hands in the thumbnail is amazing. I'm a very visual learner and even though I've been playing for many years, you never stop learning. That representation definitely gives me a better visualization of the way the club should be coming into the ball. Thank you sir and I appreciate your videos.

  6. Is it fair to say that maintenence of right wrist hinge angulation controls CLUB PATH and left wrist/forearm rotation controls the CLUB PATH (wrist watch face pointing up at sky at top of swing and to target coming into impact)??

  7. Your videos have had a great positive affect on my golf scores.  I subscribed about 15 months ago and scored most frequently in the low 90's, and now down to the low 80's.  I definitely feel I will be in the high 70's shortly if I gain a little better consistency.  Your emphasis on hip rotation was a real key for me in achieving a more repeatable and powerful swing.  Thanks.

  8. Interesting. It would seem that given a good hip transition, downswing sequence, right elbow movement and hand path, … you could still catch the ball in the toe if the right wrist losses its angle a tad early?

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