GOLF FIX app review

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Can you (and a free app) really improve your golf?

Technology in golf since using video to record a good swing has moved forward at an amazing rate.

Launch monitors are become a common site and many ranges have their own tech.

Feedback via mobile phones and apps to analysis your swing are used every day by coaches and players.

Are apps like this the next step and will coaching be needed?

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Bumped His Head says:

I had exactly the same experience. I really loved the app's tracking of my body & club motion, but the actual analysis and recommendations were not good, and I often had poor scores on good ball flight results and good scores on poor ball flight results. I also think that it ignores the effects of age and possible mobility issues. I think if the developers had concentrated more on providing details on the dynamics of each swing, and not on the "score" and the "fix", it would be a far better app.


Seems like it might be way more useful for beginners and mid-high handicappers. I'm gonna give it a go (15 hc)

dennis obrycki says:

Why not follow recommendations and check results

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